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Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Gear Carried Through A Waterfall

If you ever need to carry your gear through a storm or even a waterfall, the Lowepro DZ 200 waterproof backpack is your ticket. But that's not what this post is really way! Craig Pulsifer is a videographer and photographer based out of British Columbia (that's Canada for you across the sea). Instead of waiting for clients to come to him, Craig decided to start making his own commercial videos for products he personally uses like the Lowepro bag. While covering a story in the Philippines, Craig decided to hire a few local assistants to help him film video and audio clips for an exciting extreme style commercial he wanted in his port. The results might actually be better than the normal videos created by Lowepro themselves! By pushing his own creative talent and keeping the production level high, Craig has produced a compelling advertisement for his own personal show reel that will certainly help land him bigger jobs down the road. I still don't think I'll lend him any of my gear for his next adventure through the jungle!

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Si's picture

Dream bag for out here in Asia...

Anonymous's picture

Very cool film, I love my Lowepro backpack too, the normal rain-covers are excellent at keeping out the water. I've used it hard for a few years and it shows no signs of age at all, great quality bags!

Max Leitner's picture

Lowepro just makes very uncomfortable bags! I would stick with a F-Stop Loka and a drybag.

Paul Monaghan's picture

Or you could just go without the bag and use pentax ;).

Anyway nice video.. Looks allot like the bag I have except mine isn't waterproof.

DSLR College's picture

Great video, I have a lowepro backpack for my DSLR and Macbook Pro, it's a great back.

Mines is not waterproof and if it was i would be scared of taking it under a waterfall but it's nice to know.

Wayne Leone's picture

Nice. Would have been good to see the gear all dry and undamaged.

hmm he could really sell the bag by just clicking that shutter button as proof that the camera is indeed in still working condition! haha nice vid thogh ;)

arnold soshkin's picture

Beauty of editing. The bag could of been stuffed with tissues or other material for all we know. Cool video though.

Very cool! Makes me want to go to the Philippines :)

Michael Knowlton's picture

I've thought about doing something similiar for quite some time now, but I've always been hesitant to produce a "commercial" for a product in fear that I could potentially be infringing on rights. Any insight on this?

Patrick Hall's picture

Very interesting question. My thought was if you could make a solid commercial that got a lot of attention then they may ask you to remove it but also offer you a job. I personally think it would be foolish to remove a really well made video that is sending free traffic to my business but not every business has the same view as me.

He's not selling these bags directly so I wonder if this would fall under some sort of creative copyright law vs infringement. Anyone know?

Craig Pulsifer's picture

Technically, it is a violation to use a copyright (as in a brand/logo) without ‘express written permission’. So if a company wanted to take issue with a project like this, they could.

For the record, the Watertight gig does have Lowepro's consent.

I'm sure TAMRAC would offer him sponsorship!

Kevin Steele's picture

Hey Craig, Just came across this :-) great idea, nicely done!

Craig Pulsifer's picture

Desperate times call for desperate measures, bro. Thanks.

RUSS's picture

I think the guy did damn good. To me, it also shows a determined mind can accomplish much. He did what he set out to do. :-) Well done.

Dave Persaud's picture

I would definitely need a bag like that when dealing with a lot of drunk clumsy people in a packed club.. Def dont want to have any drinks spilling on my gear..

George Quiroga's picture

Great advertisement. I hope that Lowepro gives him a bag or a gig for his effort. I have several Lowepro bags and they are my favorite.

Daniel Casey Photog's picture

I love this bag!  I've been swimming out to a sandbar to shoot kiteboarders, taken it on river trips, surf trips, road trips, and even on a bahamas trip and there was enough room for my cloths (boardshorts and cash) to live out of it for a week like a beach bum!  It has never served me wrong and will most likely continue to be the only bag I consistently use!

Craig Pulsifer's picture

Live the dream, Daniel.  Live it well.