A Time Lapse Shot Of 3 Locations At The Same Time

Everyone likes a good time lapse right? Well Philip Bloom just created one but it has a unique twist. Bloom's video was created with 3 cameras shooting simultaneously outside of his hotel window. He shot with a 5DMII, T2i, and T3i all shooting towards different areas of the landscape at different focal lengths.

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Patrick Hall's picture

I hope he books two rooms because I couldn't last more than 3 minutes in there with all those shutters going off!

Lee Morris's picture

Hah, I never thought about that

I guess this video gives a pretty good insight of the life of a time lapse addict


Anonymous's picture

Do you know what he used to edit and then play the video? I didn't see it listed.

Anonymous's picture

2.35:1 Aspect Ratio FTW.

Anonymous's picture

Looks to me like he's shooting 4 time lapses. There's 3 on one window and 1 camera going off to the left.

Wayne Leone's picture

excellent video. Any idea what he used to keep triggering the shutter?

J Tallent's picture

can someone explain what's impressive about this?

J Ml's picture

I thought they were somehow talking about combining three exposures into the same shot, based on the title of this post, and I can see that a lot of work went into producing this, but it seems like just another time lapse to me.

Florin Moldovanu's picture

it's impressive because it's Phillip Bloom. Once you get the ball rolling open a website write a book about how to use a 7D you get people to follow your blog, commercials on the website and then whatever you do you're a Michelangelo.

Lee Morris's picture

I agree that this is not some AMAZING time lapse but I think the fact that Bloom created it while he was traveling and shot it out of his hotel room is pretty inspiring in itself.

Most photographers/videographers sit back and complain about why they can't create good work and others go out and create regardless of their situation. I didn't post this because it was the best time lapse ever, I posted it to try and help inspire.

James Webster's picture

It is impressive to see someone devoted to their art form. There are many hours of work in this piece and I would bet the city of Seattle would love to have this to promote tourism.

Dima Shapira's picture

Someone can please tell me how the cameras is powered? it's about some external power supply?