Tips For Shooting Better Portraits At Sunset

Lighting Asylum has brought us this informative look behind the scenes of a sunset portrait shoot, and it gets pretty in depth with how the photographer handles over-exposed back lighting, poor color in the clouds, and flash positioning. The photographer gives some insight on his process for camera settings, and even shows how he gels a flash to get the sky to change colors.

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Well done video and very helpful.  Great tip on the xenon lights

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Wonderful video. 

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Ummm no like 99% of those pics )-:

ok enough tips...not sure about the photography, though...

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Im sorry no like for this post...

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Pretty bad post. I mean, if your into the whole Nikon sunset, over saturated, typical small town senior portrait look, than party! This is todays new leaning up against a tree shot :)  

The negativity here is stifling. Perhaps the results were not to everyone's taste but the tutorial was well presented and providing some useful tips to take away and attempt in future shoots.

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couldn't agree more!  it's not about the artistic composition (or lack thereof if you think so), it's about technique applied to your own composition. i found this very helpful, but hey, i'm a newb!  not overwhelming at all which some lighting tutorials can be.  

I'm actually surprised there aren't more videos on balancing ambient light with gels. Thanks for sharing this.

I like the xenon flashlights. Where Can i Get hold of these?

Extremely underexposed background. Not my taste. Should hav exposed the background and model separately.