Tom Guilmette Goes Skyfishing

Have you ever wanted to shoot aerial photos or video but thought that the cost would be too high? Well Tom Guilmette just did something that Patrick and I were considering doing in one of our upcoming Fstoppers originals. I'm glad he did it first though because now I realize our plan wouldn't work. For some reason I thought a single helium balloon would be enough to lift a GoPro... I would have been about 29 balloons short.

Part of me thinks that Walmart helium is only about 10% helium and 90% air though.

"Skyfishing" with a GoPro HERO and 30 Helium Balloons from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

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That is so cool :D. Really fun to watch. It was pretty suspenseful when they were reeling it in!

That's an awesome and totally cheap idea. I think I would maybe have the protective case on depending on the weight I guess on the camera.

Very cool. Their website claims 98-99% pure helium...did seem like a lot of balloons to lift a tiny little GoPro though...

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Lee has little need to buy those HUGE balloons in the toy section that you tie to a rubberband and bounce on your fist. You get 3 of those filled with HARRIS TEETER helium and you are in business :) Still might have to revisit this idea now that I know it's possible

For lift a 6years old kid with about 26 kilos you need something like 5000 balloons and will only get bouncing lunar effect...

sorry my English im very rusty on writing.