Tom Lowe's Timescapes Is Complete In All 4K Glory!

Tom Lowe's Timescapes documentary has been in the works now for over two years, and it is finally complete! Timescapes is the first movie to be sold to the public in full 4K resolution. Shot on the Red Epic and with Canon Lenses, Tom's outdoor documentary features some of the most amazing scenes I've ever seen from Yosemite, the Joshua Tree, and other parts of Western America. Tom has a great write up about the movie on and you can buy the movie here. This was one of the first posts on Fstoppers and we are excited to see the final production; congrats Tom!

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harry's picture

One of the best videos I have seen.  Just leaves me in awe.

Mahardian Rahmadi's picture

Just one word: Amazing

Beautiful!! A credit for music would've been cool.

Patrick Hall's picture

Oh he definitely credits John Stanford both on his site and in the film. 

Nigel Stanford's picture

music by john stanford!

Jason McDonald's picture

Not just Canon lenses, but Canon DSLRs...

James's picture

Not convinced at all, some of the shots are so sharp that look like a cheap
CGI movie ..

Hunter Harrison's picture

I bought the movie and was not very impressed. What's there is amazing. I have been following Tom for a while and have been very impressed with his "teaser" footage. I just expected more. The video is around 48 minutes, but there is only about 30 minutes of content. The rest is just extensive credit sequences. I was expecting something more like 50-60 minutes of content and more Baraka-esque.

What's there is good, though.

JimmySchaefer's picture

Good thing I don't own a 4K anything to see it in 4K. I mean i could spend 20,000 on a 4K TV then another 10,000 on a 4K player....  Video is moving faster then consumer technology... you do the math.

Andrew's picture

Great video, preordered it several months ago and it finally came. The girlfriend (pretends to care about this stuff because i am into it) and i watched it, coming away from it she really wants me to get a kessler oracle (which makes this a good marketing tool for kessler) i really enjoyed it, would agree that i wish the content was a little longer but understand the work that is involved. Very happy with this purchase!

Holy sh**!