[Video] An Amazing Dance Video Filmed With A Single iPhone

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have all of the tools we need to create the projects that we envision. It's easy to just think "if I only had that new camera I could finally take the type of pictures I want to." or "If I could just afford the new Red Scarlet I could finally produce that video concept I've been thinking about." I can tell you from experience that you have access to everything you need right now. Stop thinking so much and take the cell phone out of your pocket and do it.

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Mike Folden's picture

That's pretty rad. How the heck did they get such smooth slow motion from 30fps? Twixtor maybe? That video looks awesome though!

I was wondering the same thing.

You can see the warping from twixtor, or a similar tool if you look closely.

Mike Folden's picture

Word. I was looking for it but wasn't watching full screen. Well done none the less!

William K's picture

Twixtor yup :)

What song is this? Awesome job by the way! 

gary smith's picture

also would like to know the song...Shazam doesn't

This video is pretty great. I kinda wonder though, what did they use for the pans? They're very smooth. Also, what software was used for editing?

William K's picture

Hey thanks i edited on Premiere, and just used one tripod also for all pans. :)

 “if I only had that new camera I could finally take the type of pictures I want to.”
NOO! But, imagine this video handheld... It would be crazy. That's why I wouldn't say "Stop thinking so much and take the cell phone out of your pocket and do it.". Thinking is pretty much everything.

Yeah, you can create art with shitty phones, but you can't criticize people who have real camera either. More feature and tools really does help! Just like a tripod mount to the iPhone. Preparation is the key. Concept is the essence. Stabilization is a must. Red Scarlet is not.

Ghislain Leduc's picture

I think this video is really cool, of course it still takes some money to make this, for the iphone, premiere, so probably around a few hundreds bucks, but that's now excuse, I could make a video with my GoPro (only video camera I have :) ) My ipod touch is definitively not acceptable for video ehhehe

Robert Varkevisser's picture

awesome work. very cool!
Loved the whole vibe of the video, but mostly that upside down shadow play scene was awesome- great touch of creativity. 

Damien Thébault's picture

I'd say that the slow motion scenes are not very smooth, using a 60 fps camera would have been better, but more than that, I find the lens flare pronounced.
(Yes, some people add it for style, but there you maybe don't have a choice, too bad if you don't want it)

The video still looks very good, but it could have been even better if it was a better camera.
Obviously, if I don't have a better camera, the best camera is still the one you have in your hands, and it's possible to do some nice shooting.
(but don't blame people shooting with a better camera if they can)

Petar Todorinski's picture

Woow really nice.

Lawrence Atienza's picture

it's all about lighting and composition

briand liong's picture

what software to stitch video clips from iphone?