[Video] Behind The Scenes Of The Epic Rope Swing At Corona Arch

How do you set up a 150 foot rope swing and not die? YouTube user Devin Graham went with a group of rock climbers to a huge rock arch in Utah, and put together a fun video showing everyone having a great time cheating death. The making of video shows how a glidecam was used to get smooth shots across rocks where a single misstep would have ended in “splat instant death.”

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Epic. I really like this guy's style of filming, also in the human slingshot video.

I'd do that in a minute...better rush than my 250' bungee jump. I wonder how many times the ropes got used.  At what point is it no longer safe to put that much tension on it?

Man good point, cause each time they leap off and the transfer from falling vertically to swinging, they seem to get a pretty decent shock. Climbing rope is only designed to take a certain number of falls...then again the way they designed the sling I'm guessing these guys know what they're doing.

You certainly want to watch your rope (specially since it's a climbing rope and not a bungee jumping rope)

At the same time, you don't put THAT much stress on that rope. Rope swinging is way easier on the rope than a lead fall where you end up below your belayer (assuming you are in a multi-pitch)

You are also swinging and the tension on the rope gets added slowly since the anchor is far away from you and horizontally. Again, very different than when climbing and you have a fall where all the tension goes on the rope instantly.

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oooohhhh i would so do that.....

Oh. HELL. No.