[Video] Corey Rich Documents Mountaineering In The Arctic Circle

Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker Corey Rich prides himself on being an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as a world class visual artist. Featured recently on a project that put the new Nikon D4 through it’s paces on the Project “Why”, Corey has posted this new video that documents a team of 6 adventurers traveling to Northern Alaska to summit an amazing mountain range.

Narrating the video himself, Corey takes you through the planning, packing, struggles, and triumphs that go along with attempting an adventure such as this one. Corey does point out several times the particular struggles that come with trying to capture video and stills while keeping up with the rest of the group. He also discusses how he searches for light, composition, and moment, to help him find "the shot". As you all know, typical camera gear isn't exactly light or small– taking tripods, multiple lenses, camera bodies, and audio gear– it's quite a feat to still be able to be an active participant in these kinds of expeditions amidst the extra gear and weight.

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All power to you all. This seems like the hardest and harshest weather and condition a photographer/videographer could ever go through. Loads and loads of supplies, equipment, and gears, plus the hike of 20+ miles in the -20 temp. I wish I can do something like this. I am not built for the cold. I'm better off in the hot weather. Great job with the photos and video!

Good BTS storytelling. 

Wow, this was very powerful. VERY nice

One of the best I have seen. Really great!!

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I love it. Great BTSV 

Waow, Excellent, Thanks Fstopers to share with us this great videos !

As a climber and love for the mountains, I can really relate to this. This inspires me to do more climbing photography!


wow, that was amazing, i usually don't like does type of videos but this one is the exception, i can only wish to do have what they did in my life time. 

just wish to have big luck to find adventures like they, to do photography and video work at this same time,
video all pictures and experience relationship Wow I so jealous now !

To avoid confusion, the Deep North Video was not shot with a D4. According to the blog post, he and Dane shot with D7000 cameras.  His project in the other fStoppers post was.

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Thanks so much for posting this! I'm (now) a huge fan of Corey Rich. I watched all of his stuff over the weekend and it's all top notch. I highly recommend you all watch the feature "Why". 

Corey Rich is my biggest inspiration and he continues to kill it with each new video. Definitely my #1 goal in life to produce works like this.