[Video] Jeb Corliss Runs into a Mountain in a Wingsuit

A relatively new 'sky sport' out there makes use of a wing suit. Want one yourself? You'll first have to log at least 200 sky-diving jumps just to buy one. Here, via Gizmodo, Jeb Corliss jumps on a beautiful day, but cuts it just a little too close... Luckily, for those that have the stomach for it, we have a first-person view thanks to a helmet-mounted GoPro.

Here's a more common video of Jeb Corliss that's been circling the web -- these guys fly so low!

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bryan rapoza's picture

Wingsuiting and basejumping aren't new, just new to you ;) Cheers -b

 In fairness to the author, he did say "relatively new".


bryan rapoza's picture

Also, mad props to Jeff Nebelkopf for the excellent camera work, well done. And for Jeb to maintain composure and pull after a freefall cliff strike speaks volumes. Well done. Never Quit.

that guy will die soon

Jason Peters's picture

We are all going to die sooner or later, might as well have some fun on the way!

Might as well do something worth dying for.

@Bryan - the pull is miraculous, ain't it? I totally held my breath till I saw it pop...

@Erik - "there is only one thing we say to Death - NOT TODAY!" (Syrio Forel, A Game Of Thrones)Get well, Jeb!

There is only one thing Death will say: "another fool died" (Reality Check, Life).

Have you seen the photo of his shin? Don't click if you're squeamish... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1106370&l=ea0aad9b1b&id=17...

Ouch! Thanks for posting! I think we'll leave that in here for those interested :-)

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you owe me breakfast!

Ouch this looks painful - the Facebook photo is nasty but it could have been so much worse for him. Thankfully he was okay this time.