Watch This Time Lapse of a Seven Hour Super-Composition of a Fantasy Airship Battle

Not too long ago we featured a tutorial that showed you how to make a fantasy desert kingdom out of tourist images, and thought I would share with you another amazing project by a talented artist. Alexander Koshelkov has quite an impressive resume of outrageous Photoshop compositions that excellently use real world items to create fantastical scenes. He just released this time lapse where you can watch his latest composition which took him just over 7 hours and uses 284 Photoshop CC layers.

Though some of your aviation enthusiasts might cringe at some of the nature of what he has constructed, your appreciation for what has been made here should overrule that. Alex's patience is nothing short of legendary. If you were impressed with his work, you should consider subscribing to his YouTube channel, which is full of these kinds of time lapses. You can download the full resolution final image here.

composition of airship battle

Keep up the great work Alexander!

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Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

This is just so awesome!!! I so admire the vision and technical skills of the artist!
Thank you for sharing, Jaron!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Yeah, thank YOU for sharing, JARON.

Cuitlahuac Alcaraz Sanchez's picture

con que plugin haces eso? jaja es broma, asombroso nivel de detalle y vision, se agradece que compartas el proceso. :)

Carlos Märtz's picture

...ooh wow!!!...this fantastic!!!

bstunt's picture

Welcome back FSTOPPERS!

Yves Chan's picture

That is just ridiculous! Patience? Patience is waiting 2 hours at the doctor's office. This guy deserves a gold medal. Unbelievable work and what a vision to begin with! Outstanding, thank you for posting this!

Jaron Schneider's picture

Haha you're welcome!

Tihomir's picture

I'm not impressed so much by the patience of the artist, because I find myself working on an image for 4-12 hours. I'm impressed by the ideas in the picture and those little details that are skillfully and carefully executed. Good job.

Timuçin HIZAL's picture


Andrew Griswold's picture

Freaking incredible! Always love seeing these time lapse creations in Photoshop. Great find Jaron!

apollo's picture

He's Alexander Koshelkov, not a big surprise... Watch his other videos and you will be blown away. So much details, so creative ideas. He's beyond amazing, he's unbelievable!!

Keith Hammond's picture

Stunning work, just stunning. I know its fantasy (i'm not into fantasy stuff) but why don't they just shoot at each others balloons.........easy win

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Joel-Adam Powley's picture

The Good news: I know every tool that was used.
The Bad news: How to effectively apply those tools.

Ihab Mokayed's picture

He's probably an alien, because this is just too good to be true! What an awesome piece of work!

Derek Lawrey's picture

Did he get all his images for this from Google image search?

Chad North's picture

Awesome! I kept noticing the file size getting bigger as the picture progressed. over 4GB file size. Lol

Seagram Pearce's picture

Sheesh. I would have been happy to have just gotten that background & new sky done right. :P

Matthew Wagg's picture

That is fantastic. You could never appreciate the detail of a piece like this without the timelapse. Either that or it'd need to be printed out to at least 4ft by 6ft to really appreciate the scale and detail

Stefano Tealdi's picture

Great work! Does somene of you know how to record a timelapse while working in photoshop? Is there a free application able to shoot every number of seconds? Thanks!

toc's picture

Not to put down good work, but Isn't this already common practice for concept artists in addition actual brush and drawing work as opposed to using existing pictures?

briand liong's picture

someone call MIB!!!!