Prepping for Your Holiday Vacation: How to Make a Travel Video

The holidays are a time where many photographers take a few weeks off to either be with family or relocate for vacation. Most of us who are not videographers shy away from the idea of recording the time simply because we fear it will look amateur. A few tips will help make your vacation and time with family more impressive than you thought it could be. 

Lost LeBlanc  takes us through ten tips to improve your travel videos with ideas that are simple to execute even if you are a beginner. One of the more important tips is where many fall short in the production and that is stabilizing your equipment. Whether you plan to shoot with a GoPro or iPhone, you can lose your shake by using a gimbal. If you are looking to ditch the heavy equipment, LeBlanc suggests using a simple camera strap for your DSLR attached to your neck. Extending the camera out as far as possible will give you more points of contact for stability when shooting your video. 

Another important tip is to lose the idea of using the boomerang look that became unfortunately popular in my opinion. He suggests keeping a fluid movement to your panoramic versus sporadic and random movements. It helps make the viewer understand the story as well as being more appealing to watch. 

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