Learn How to Shoot an Epic Bar Brawl

In their latest video, Film Riot's Frontman/Director Ryan Connolly comes to my backyard (Vancouver, BC) to film a truly epic bar brawl short. This entire series of videos is extremely useful when it comes to learning what it takes to film a quality short. The "Uncut Behind the Scenes" video is seriously my favorite of the bunch as you get a very candid look at every little detail and consideration the cast and crew had to make.

No doubt some may find 15 minutes a bit on the long side, but I think it's incredibly educational, entertaining, and fascinating. I found myself watching the final cut after viewing each of these behind-the-scenes videos while taking a little more away from it each time. Whether you're an aspiring director, actor, stunt performer, DP — name it, there is something here for you. Here is the final cut to "Bar Brawl: A Short Action Scene."

The below video is the "Uncut Behind the Scenes" by Film Riot. 

If you're super serious about learning every detail of this production, you can get some more insight with DJI Film School's behind the scenes, which includes commentary from the cast and crew. 

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Justin Myers's picture

Is it just me or have some of the writers here become cookie cutter in there posts?
The recent routine seems, post video from other filmmaking channels and write a small description about the video. Rise and repeat.
Where are the original articles or stories written by filmmakers on this site? I am starting to doubt if some of the writers here work in the industry.

Kenn Tam's picture

If you are interested in Fstoppers' original content, look for the FS Original badge or just use this link (https://fstoppers.com/category/originals) in the future. Then you can avoid reposted works.