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Lighting a Short Film with an IKEA Trash Can

David F. Sandberg goes behind the scenes of his recent horror film Not So Fast and shows us how he lit and created the short. Sandberg reveals his innovative lighting set up that allows him to create a dark and haunting scene. This great behind the scenes video demonstrates that all you need to produce your next work of art is some creativity and innovative thinking.Watch the short film below

David is a Writer, Director and Animator based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

See more of David's work here.

[Via iso1200]

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Fritz Asuro's picture

Never underestimate the power of IKEA. I made variety of my photography equipment from their items like a 3m X 2m diffusion panel, backdrop stands, flash mounts, etc.

Avrohom Perl's picture

Fritz, I am very curious to see your diffuser panels. Could you share?

Brian Reese's picture

Watch IKEA start marketing products geared towards photography and film.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

LOL... Full photography studio - $50

I bet someone could do it for under $100 if they were creative enough.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Yet another reason to love IKEA.

Kristjan Järv's picture

Wow, this is an amazing idea, the short film. I absolutely loved it. Also like 90% of the gear used for this was from IKEA :D.

David Stålhane's picture

Cool idea and a very creative solution!

Also, I laughed at the disclaimer at the end a bit more than I should have =)

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

For how long will the powerstarter hold? :)