Making The Most Unbelieveable Basketball Trick Shots With After Effects And Some Creativity

This video reminds me of my college days– spending time working with a friend while having next to no budget, but coming up with a fun idea for a short video that would allow us to flex some creative muscle. Corridor Digital may have a (small) budget for these, but what I enjoy about them is that the fun and creativity feels authentic, which you often only get when no agency or corporate sponsor is pushing creative decisions. In this video, you'll see the final clip, with the behind-the-scenes video inside the full post.

In case you aren't familiar with what the blue and orange portals are all about, they are from a video game called "Portal," naturally. The concepts and visuals used in the video are pulled (perfectly I might add) from that game.

Below is the behind-the-scenes video:

I know these guys are pros at what they do, but it comes across as just a couple of friends who are insanely talented, and execute unique ideas when they get them. If you'd like to see more videos, or become a sponsor for one of their projects, check them out on Patreon.

So this gets me thinking– when was the last time you worked on a fun project with a friend?


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Ralph Hightower's picture

That was a fun video and BTS! It's like the game of HORSE with one-upmanship on a sci-fi scale.