Project360 Uses GoPro Array To Capture The Experience Of Climbing The Eiger

In this making of video, outdoor brand Mammut is shown working with Dani Arnold and Stephan Siegrist, two alpinists, to plan a climb up the north face of the Eiger. What makes this ascent unique though, is the inclusion of a 360-degree GoPro setup which is used to capture panoramic shots from the mountainside. The result of their efforts is a unique look into the views, terrain, and conditions that the climbers faced. Mammut recently unveiled an interactive web portal to give anyone who wants to ascend the Eiger, the chance to do so from the comfort of their office chair.

Mammut's interactive website for Project360 can be viewed here. I would recommend exploring many of the cool features this has, including 360-degree video footage, information on the history of the mountain, and more.

Keeping delicate electronics working in this tough environment is no small feat. The gear setup included a custom pack setup, with 6 GoPros, a GPS, USB battery units, and an arm to get the proper point of view. I'm sure the awkward balance of the rig made it even more of a challenge for the climbers, but the results seem well worth it. Be sure to check out some of the highlights along their route, especially the view from the summit!

Featured image thumbnail by Daniel Bartsch

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Jalbert Productions International's picture

The GoPro tool has been an amazing device for many film makers. We recently used one for a time lapse video of NYC. Good stuff!

Pretty cool mix of pushing human and technological limits at the same time! Will be interesting to see where this new technology will be brought...

AYP Chris's picture

Awesome video! I would've loved to see some shots from a go pro drone of the amazing Eiger!