Can't Take a Holiday this Holiday Season?

Photographers around this time of the year, portrait and wedding photographers especially, tend to have clients banging down their doors for holiday photos and other must have product deliveries in time for Christmas. While the rest of the world is gearing up for a relaxing holiday, we often experience anything but. From Christmas cards to wedding albums — regardless of the client's procrastination all year — we're expected to produce our work in record time.

How can you create a workflow that'll help you during the rest of the year, but will shine and sparkle during the holiday crunch time as well? Having a solid system in place will not only help you create organization in the chaos of post-production, but it'll help raise your profit's bottom line, too. When it comes to workflow, being able to do things quickly directly relates to how much you earn per job.

Join Fundy of and me, Vanessa Joy (New Jersey wedding photographer), as we chat about workflow. Fundy will give us broad strokes of workflow tips, from two unique perspectives, that's sure to enhance the productivity of anyone's post-production.

Fundy's Top Workflow Tips

  • Get it Right in Camera
  • Shoot Less, Show Less
  • Set Client Expectations
  • Editing in vs. Editing Out
  • Lightroom Workflow Tips
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