Did Photoshop’s New Feature Just Crush This AI Product?

One of the latest buzzwords in tech and editing has been AI. While the earliest implementations were a bit of a gimmick, powerful tools and developments from companies like Adobe, NVIDIA, and Luminar have brought AI to the end-user in a meaningful way. Photoshop’s March 2021 update introduces a new AI tool that promises massive resolution improvements for any camera. Does it live up to the hype?

Landscape Photography With a Skydio 2 Drone

I've been an avid landscape photographer for many years, and I've been a drone flyer for almost 4 years. I liked the idea of getting landscape shots from angles I simply couldn't get to from the ground. Living in Arizona, there's a lot of opportunities to get some lovely images from the air.

The Joy of Aerial Film Photography of New York

Most of the time, when you see aerial photography, it is taken with top-end modern equipment; after all, it is not cheap to rent a plane or helicopter, and usually, the photographer wants to get the most they can out of the experience. But that does not mean you can't shoot film from the air, and this fun video shows just what a joy it can be.

Ring Will Launch a Drone as Security Camera for Your Home Next Year

The Always Home Cam is a drone that flies through your home to make sure everything is intact when you’re not there. When the alarm goes off, it gets out of its dock and flies to the breach. The cameras are blocked when in the dock, so it only records when in flight, and because drones make noise when in flight, everyone knows when recording is taking place.

What It Looks Like to Be A Commercial Drone Pilot During COVID-19

While we all adjust to these ongoing changes, it is interesting to see how different types of photographers and videographers have successfully adapted and continued their craft. Being a commercial drone pilot often requires a small team, and that team is often a part of a larger production. With film and video production studios beginning to get back to work, what it looks like behind the scenes on set is going to be different.

Is One Post-Processing Step Better Than 48 Megapixels?

A few years ago, Adobe introduced an alternate way of processing images that could help reduce artifacts. In the intervening years, much of the benefits have faded away, until now. Can this technique find a new use in processing images from non-Bayer sensors?

Airdata: An Essential Tool for Drone Pilots?

Whether you’ve just gotten a drone to escape quarantine via the skies, or you’ve been flying professionally for a while, having access to more detailed flight information can help make you a better pilot. Airdata, a flight data platform, promises to give pilots broad insight into their drone’s data. Do they deliver?

I Destroyed a Drone on My First Flight and Here's What I'd Do Differently

The first time you do anything, you’re bound to do it poorly. The first time I shot football, I thought a 1/200 s shutter speed would be perfectly fine to stop action. The first time I shot portraits, I thought my f/1.6 photos were perfectly sharp (they were not even close). And the first time I flew a drone was a catastrophe worse than both of those experiences.

Mind-Blowing Dystopian Aerial Video of Hong Kong

After months of public protest that gathered millions of people in the streets, the situation in Hong Kong is still tense. But despite the ongoing troubles, the former British colony in one of the coolest places on Earth and a talented crew captured the unique vibe of the city in a mind-blowing aerial video.