Get a Crazy Deal on the Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is still an ultra-popular choice for Nikon shooters and for good reason. It's an awesomely versatile, high-resolution options that many portrait, wedding, and landscape photographers carry in their bags. Right now, you can pick up your own for 33 percent off!

Review of Two New Post Processing Tutorials from Retouching Academy - Now Available in Fstoppers Store!

We at Fstoppers have always been big fans of the incredible photographers and retouchers who form Retouching Academy. The talent and educational knowledge of Julia Kuzmenko McKim has been shown in our 2015 Fstoppers workshop, through many posts on Fstoppers and Retouching Academy, and is condensed in her Studio Beauty photography tutorial. Now, another instructor at Retouching Academy is stepping up to bring more invaluable information to the community. Michael Woloszynowicz presents the newest tutorials from RA with an in depth look at the process of Dodge and Burn as well as Color Grading.

Develop Your Film with Ease at Home or On the Road with Lab-Box [Updated]

Developing your own film might be the cheaper (and more amusing) way to go, but with all the preparation and lab space required, that simply hasn't always the best option. Ars-Imago's Lab-Box hopes to solve these problems in a small, light-proof container that enables you to develop your own film at home or even while traveling – yes, it's that easy and compact. The best part: it's not all that expensive, either.

Use My New Ultimate Film Processing Price Guide to Decide Which Lab Is Right for You

A few months ago, I started a passion project of mine: Film Objektiv was started with one goal in mind: to get more people shooting film. We do this by renting film cameras at low prices for longer periods of time, by providing prints at a low cost, and also by serving as an online and educational resource to help film shooters find everything they'd ever need. It's this last part that still needs some work, but it's well on its way with this new pricing guide for film labs across the country. Still, I could use your help.

B&H Selling Brand New Fujifilm GF670 Units Found In Fujifilm's Warehouse [Updated x2]

What happens when you lose track of a few extra boxes of some film cameras, and then find them again a few years later? You sell them, of course! And that's exactly what B&H is doing with a number of Fujifilm GF670 cameras that Fujifilm found in its American warehouse. It's still a fairly recently produced camera, but seeing as it was discontinued in 2014, this is likely the last chance you'll have to get a new one.