How to Photograph a Wedding Cake: Free Excerpt and Massive Discount on Fstoppers Tutorial

Several years ago, Fstoppers created a comprehensive tutorial on everything wedding photography. The tutorial includes over 14 hours of content revealing shooting techniques and successful tips on running a wedding photography business. Today, we're offering a free excerpt from the full tutorial to the Fstoppers community. Additionally, to celebrate our 30 videos spree during January, we're offering one of our biggest discounts ever if you choose to purchase the full tutorial. To save $200, simply use code "CAKE" at checkout.

B&H Offers Massive Discount on Canon Bundles

If you're a crop-sensor shooter looking to go full frame, or if you're just really into getting great deals on camera gear, B&H is bundling some serious savings into a pair of Canon full frame body kits through Saturday at 11:59 p.m. B&H is heavily discounting the ever-popular Canon 5D Mark IV to $2,849 (after a $350 Canon mail-in rebate) , and the 6D Mark II to $1,349 after rebate, and bundling them both with some great extras.

Get a Rare Discount on One of the Best Lighting Modifiers in the World Today Only

The Broncolor parabolic reflectors are some of the most unique and versatile lighting modifiers out there, with their true parabolic shape creating a beautifully sculpting light and their focusing rod feature allowing one to change the hardness and contrast of the light on the fly. Today only, B&H is offering a rare discount on all sizes, with 20 percent savings across the board.