The World's Largest Holga Camera

My Holga is currently sitting on top of my desk, collecting dust. But the folks from Photographic Works/ArtsEye Gallery in Tucson would never let that happen. They are so passionate about the toy camera that they constructed the world's largest Holga. This thing is twenty times the size of a regular Holga, and squeezes tightly into a two-horse trailer. They initially started building it to be a prop for a toy camera exhibit. But then it occurred to them that it could easily be made to be a usable camera.

How To Use Both Continuous And Strobe Lighting Simultaneously to Create Compelling Images

Jay P Morgan has been getting a lot of press recently for both his creative imagery and his informative behind-the-scenes videos, and for good reason: they're chock-full of great information and Jay shows everything from his lighting setups to post-processing tricks. In this BTS, Jay gives us a look at how he balances constant lights with strobe lights, something that

The Best Deal On A Canon G12 Camera Plus A Free $400 Canon Printer

The Canon G12 camera is one of our favorite "point and shoots" because it has all the features a photographer would want: manual settings, shoots RAW, and has a hot shoe. Until they run out of inventory, BH Photo is giving a $400 rebate when you purchase the Canon G12 with Canon's Flagship PixmaPRO 9000 MKII Printer. So this makes the printer free and knocks down the G12 to $307.50 which is $70 cheaper than anywhere else. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me!