The Best Deal On A Canon G12 Camera Plus A Free $400 Canon Printer

The Canon G12 camera is one of our favorite "point and shoots" because it has all the features a photographer would want: manual settings, shoots RAW, and has a hot shoe. Until they run out of inventory, BH Photo is giving a $400 rebate when you purchase the Canon G12 with Canon's Flagship PixmaPRO 9000 MKII Printer. So this makes the printer free and knocks down the G12 to $307.50 which is $70 cheaper than anywhere else. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me!

What Color Is Your Aura? Maybe This Camera Can Tell You

Photographer Carlo Van de Roer has been shooting portraits with the Polaroid Aura Camera. Created in the 1970's by a gentleman named Guy Coggins, the aura camera was designed to capture more that what can be seen with your human eyes. So, how exactly does this work? The subject puts his or her hands on sensors that measure electromagnetic biofeedback (note: this is the first time the term "electromagnetic biofeedback" has been used on Fstoppers...I checked).

 Impressive Slow Motion Video Using The Sony FS700

With just $500 and 4 days to film, Luke Neumann of Neumann Films created one heck of a slow motion video with the new Sony NEX-FS700. What sets this video apart from all the others is that in at least every clip something or someone is flying through the air. With 24 frames per second we are able to see a ridiculous amount of detail captured on video. Check out Luke's review below to see what he has to say about rolling shutter performance, low light and resolution capabliiltes.

Elf Faces Made From Raw Peanuts

Portland based artist and photographer Wendy Given created these highly unusual and whimsical photographs of elves found in peanuts. The inspiration behind these photos came from a game she played when she was a small child. Wendy would search to find elf-like faces after cracking open the raw peanuts. Each peanut you see in the images was chosen because of it's preexisting, natural elf-like features.

How Lens Focal Length Shapes the Face

It's pretty crazy to think just a small change of focal length can drastically distort your subject's face. In this behind the scenes video , Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens goes into detail to show us each change and how it effected the model's appearance. Maybe you're interested in buying a fixed lens or maybe you're interested in gaining tips on portrait and headshot photography - either way this video is definitely worth checking out.

Canon Broadens Serial Number Scope of Allergic-Reaction-Causing Grips

I'm sure many of you heard the original hooplah involving Canon's issues with the new Rebel T4i/650D, and if not, allow me to summarize: the grips were changing colors and allergic reactions were being reported related to some serial numbers. Well Canon Australia, which originally stated that its cameras were not affected by a fault - when they were - which could result in allergic reactions and red eyes when users come into contact with the camera, has expanded the number of serials affected.

How To Turn Sunlight Into Moonlight

In this behind the scenes lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens does something we might not often think to do: he uses the natural sunlight and turns it into moonlight-like light for this 1920's "speakeasy-themed" shoot. Believe it or not, he was able to achieve moonlight all in the camera - no post processing involved. So with a couple of tungsten lights, gels and sunlight, Jay P. has shown us a great idea that can easily be mimicked in your own shoot.

Maybe Photoshop Can Really Work On The iPad

Many photographers already use a tablet like the Wacom Intuos to work in Photoshop. You would think that an iPad would be even better because you can touch the very screen that you work is on but it's not that simple. Due to a number of issues like lack of pressure control and the fact that your hand itself will "select" parts of the screen, the iPad never took off as a professional tool. That is until I saw this video.