New Camera Captures 4 Billion Pixels Per Second

How do you figure that? 33MP at 120fps. That's right -- 33 megapixels! Data transfer rate is 51.2Gbps! This is the camera that NHK built to supposedly replace HDTV "one day?" While we won't see this replace HDTV for years and years, it's an impressive feat, but one that might also fill a hard drive or ten a little too quickly.

Free Training:  Learn All The New Features of Photoshop CS6

If you are like me, you probably update to new versions of Photoshop only to not take advantage of any of the new features. Learning new techniques on your own time is always time consuming. This week(end) only, our friends at CreativeLIVE are offering a free download of Lesa Snider's CS6 course (normally $79) which is Live now! Lesa covers all of the new features like Puppet Warp, Liquify, Lighting Effects, Video, and Content Aware as well as some basic tools you might already know about. Details are in the full post

This Is How Your Digital Camera's CCD Chip Works

I enjoy new technology and I also love to know how my gadgets actually work. I constantly find myself watching Bill Hammack's videos on Youtube because he does a fantastic job of explaining extremely complicated things in a way that I can understand. In this video "The Engineer Guy" explains the technology behind our digital cameras.

New Speculation on Canon 7D II & 70D

Another Canon rumor has emerged that has a few new specs for the anticipated 7D Mark II and the 70D. If you have been looking at the market, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the 7D Mark II and it's supposed specs and release date. With this new rumor/speculation, the talk will only get louder. So what can we supposedly expect?

[App] Get Slow Motion 60fps On Your iPhone 4S

While some apps might say that they can record slow motion, chances are they are using software to blend frames together and interpolated pixels are created to simulate slow motion. This technique often appears stuttery and quite as smooth as a real high-speed frame rate. A new iPhone app called SloPro claims to actually record 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4. The results looks solid, but check it out for yourself. The...

[Video] Canon 5DMkIII, 5DMkII, and Nikon D800 Low-Light Video Test -- Take 2

You may remember a while ago when we posted a candlelight video test by Joe Marine over at After seeing feedback from the video, Joe sent me a new one (thanks!). The beginning is almost the same, but adjusted since Nikon and Canon handle ISO differently. But later on in the video, Joe got some interesting results when adding noise reduction and color correcting...

[Review] Camera Awesome iPhone App

If you spend much time on the app store (or even if you don't) you are inundated with the hundreds of camera apps, every single one of them claiming to be the greatest thing ever. Camera Awesome is no exception. I mean, they make quite the bold statement in the name of the app alone. So let's take a look at what it means to "Awesomize," and dissect this app that promises to take sharper, better-exposed photos with stunning professional effects.

[Video] With Your Help We Can Make The Largest Digital Camera Ever

Last year we had a meet up in Arizona and I was lucky enough to meet Zeke, a mechanical engineer who works on some of the most impressive digital cameras on the planet (and off the planet). I was able to hold one of these cameras and learn a thing or two about what it can do. These large cameras are mainly used in space to take exposures that last literally hours but Zeke told me that he wanted to make one of these into a working camera that any photographer could use (on planet earth).