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Let’s Talk About these 200 MP Galaxy S22 Ultra and Olympus Rumors

It seems like the mirrorless/DSLR realm operates in a different dimension to phone cameras. Sony’s new a1 body boasts a 50-megapixel full-frame sensor and is cutting edge, yet Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra claims to have a 108 MP sensor — and now there are some wild rumors about upcoming 200 MP phone sensors.

What Is Happening Over at Hasselblad?

Hasselblad has had a storied history in the camera business. Even today, they’re making some impressive cameras, such as the medium-format X1D II.

How I Edited This Photo With Lightroom Mobile

Tired of your nature photos looking drab and dreary? Well, thanks to the power of Lightroom Mobile, you can now breathe new life into your images on the go thanks to its comprehensive toolset.

5 Great Smartphone Photography Ideas

Smartphones have more and more powerful cameras and tech behind them as the years roll on, opening opportunities for shoots with just your phone.

This Video Shows Just How Far Phone Cameras Have Come

Phone cameras have come quite a long way in the past decade, going from an easy way to take casual snapshots that can be quickly shared with family and friends to powerful devices that can produce high-quality results in a wide variety of scenarios. This neat video shows just how far they have come.

Landscape Photography With the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Mobile phones in photography have been famously contentious, but a force to be reckoned with nonetheless. Samsung has now released its greatest camera phone, and it has got some photographers' attention, mine included.

Comparing the iPhone 12 Mini to the Google Pixel 3a, the 'Photographer's Phone'

I’ve waffled and flip-flopped on Apple’s computational imaging claims in its new iPhone 12 series, and so, to finally put my curiosity to rest, I decided to pit what’s (to me) the most compelling iPhone, the iPhone 12 Mini, against my previous favorite phone photography standard-bearer, the Google Pixel 3a.

Apple ProRAW Redefines the Meaning of Raw Files

Historically, a “raw” file from a camera has typically been considered the purest form of image a camera can produce, a straight dump of sensor data that leaves a lot of leeway for editing — a digital negative, if you will.

Get More Cinematic Shots From Your iPhone, No Extra Gear Needed

When you look at Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” videos, oftentimes what’s left unsaid is the amount of extra gear beyond the iPhone the cinematographers had to use. Whether that’s expensive drones, camera stabilizers, or underwater gear, chances are, if it’s on Apple’s website, it’s not only shot with an iPhone.

4 New Camera Features and Improvements in iOS 14

Along with the latest iPhones being recently introduced, we also have the latest version of iOS, version 14, available for installation on several generations of iPhones. And with it comes several new features and upgrades to the camera app, though you might not be aware of all the new capabilities. This great video discusses four new features and improvements that you might have missed in iOS 14.

The iPhone 12 Has Dropped and So Has My Pulse

The iPhone 11 Pro hit the market last year with not two, but three lenses. It was a novel idea to have three lenses, a wide, medium and telephoto, on one phone body. Given that the iPhone 11 series was widely regarded as a stepping stone year, I had high hopes for something big for photography in the iPhone 12. And I was disappointed.

A Guide to the Fundamentals of iPhone Photography

With the new iPhone announced, the world is presumably about to see the most popular camera change. Here is a short guide to the basics of iPhone photography with some tips and tricks rolled in.

How to Get the Best Fall Colors in Your Phone Photos

Fall is here! The leaves around you have hopefully taken on some great colors, but you might not be getting the draw dropping pictures you want. Fortunately, there’s 5 easy tricks you can try and they all work with your phone.

Does Your On-Site Workflow Have Sufficient Data Backups?

At this point, I don't think anyone is not aware that they need to have multiple backups of their data, but at what point in your workflow does your backup process start? Depending on the type of work you shoot you may need more backup options and you might need to start your backups on location.

10 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography

They say the best camera you have is the one that's always with you. Almost all of us carry our smartphones everywhere in our pockets, so it's probably a good idea to learn how to make better images with them. Learn from these 10 tips for better smartphone photography.

DJI Announces New OM 4 Smartphone Stabilizer

DJI has announced the latest update to its popular Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilizer. The OM 4 stabilizer features upgraded motors to better handle increased weight, an upgraded and less obtrusive magnetic phone mount, and more, all for little more than its predecessor.

Have the Google Pixel 5 Specs Been Leaked?

Building on the success of the Google Pixel 4, the new Pixel 5 is rumored to launch on September 30 likely along with the Pixel 4a 5G, and now some new specs look to have been leaked ahead of the launch,

Make Your Own Smartphone Wallpaper in Photoshop CC

Don't get stuck with the standard wallpapers on your smartphone. Make your own in Photoshop CC using these simple steps and use your very own images to stand out from the crowd.

Is It Time to Abandon TikTok Over Privacy Concerns?

Personal information is the modern gold. By using free software, you have actually become the product, not the client, but what do apps actually make behind the curtain? Here's a look at what TikTok does.

Can You Shoot Professionally With Just an iPhone?

There are dozens of articles pitting iPhones against typical pro-grade cameras. Dozens of iPhones shootouts. But, what happens when a professional photographer actually relies on an iPhone to shoot and deliver work to clients?

5 Stay at Home Mobile Phone Photography Ideas You Can Try Today

Here in the United States, the coronavirus is still (ostensibly) keeping people at home, and that means lost gigs and fewer chances to shoot outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative at home. If you want to challenge yourself using only your phone (or if that’s all you have), here are a few tips to create some interesting images with minimal tools.

How to Shoot Fine Art Photography on an iPhone

I recently used one of my quarantine nights to create an art project for myself. A few weeks ago the rules were stricter about staying home and I used it as an opportunity to expand my own skills and vision. I encourage photographers who are stuck at home either because of the quarantine or protest curfews to push their limits and try new things.

Gucci Debuts Campaign Shot Entirely by the Models

Italian fashion house Gucci debuted their #GucciTheRitual digital campaign shot entirely by their models in quarantine. The digital campaign initially launched with a 16-second clip featuring creative director Alessandro Michele with each of the models in their homes, singing and dancing along to "Alright" by Britpop band Supergrass.

Best DIY Solutions for Home-Made Smartphone Rigs

For most creators, a smartphone is more than enough for creating content. If you’re stuck at home without your gear, you can still make your own rigs and start shooting.

Can you Edit a 100 Megapixel Raw File on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Whether you need to edit on the fly or you can't justify dropping a large wad of cash on a editing machine, making adjustments on Lightroom mobile could be an option for you. But can it handle 100 megapixel raw files, and if so, how well?

Adobe Photoshop for iPad Gains Curves and Apple Pencil Pressure Support

Adobe surprised everyone with a Photoshop for iPad announcement when they said it was "full Photoshop." Creatives were elated, but then later disappointed when that apparently meant the algorithms were the same as on desktop (good news), but the features were not (not so good). Major features such as Curves were not even available at launch, but today, at least some of that has changed.

Can You Photograph the Milky Way With Just a Phone?

Astrophotography is a genre that requires some of the most extreme and specialized gear. At the same time, though, photographic technology has made some remarkable leaps in the last few years, with some of that technology making its way into smartphones. Can you photograph the night sky with just a phone? This great video shows what you can accomplish.