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Comparison: Is the iPhone SE Camera More iPhone 8 or iPhone 11 Pro?

The new iPhone SE looks mighty tempting to photographers hanging on for dear life to their older generation iPhones. It brings the promise of combining the smarts of the A13 Bionic chip with a single camera unit in a body similar to the iPhone 8, but does that help it’s photography any? Not much, it seems.

Moment's App Now Has Time-Lapses

Imagine you can add an anamorphic lens to a camera and shoot time-lapses with manual controls and a slow shutter mode effect built in, to give that real sense of motion in the shot. Yes, Moment has done just that, and it's all within their Pro Camera app.

Will the Next iPhone Have a 64-Megapixel Camera?

It’s definitely not the 108 megapixels of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, but 64 megapixels is a lot of camera to pack into the forthcoming iPhone 12. Rumors have emerged that Apple is testing various sensors for its next flagship phone, which would be quite the bump from the iPhone 11 Pro’s meager offering of 12 megapixels.

Why Camera Manufacturers Are No Longer Relevant

It might seem with the focus upon the remarkable achievements of the latest smartphone cameras that traditional camera manufacturers have realized they are playing catch-up and trying to chase down the proverbial boat. The truth is that they've already missed it.

Professional Photographers Are Now Offering Cameraphone Courses

The omnipresence of camera phones and their prospect of "replacing" professional cameras has caused an uneasy stir within the photographic community. And now adding to this agitation are a few professionals who are offering photography workshops based on shooting with smartphone cameras.

New Disposable Camera App Already Over One Million Downloads

There have been many trends in photography, but one that’s been quickly picking up speed has been the disposable aesthetic, with celebrities creating separate Instagram accounts for their photos captured on film, like model Gigi Hadid, YouTube creator Tana Mongeau, and the app’s founder, YouTube creator David Dobrik, each amassing over 150,000 followers.

PSA: Use Night Sight to Improve Your Photos, Even When It’s Not Night

I’ve always known about Google’s Night Sight mode on Pixel phones as a method to take pictures in near darkness, but it seemed somewhat overkill in daylight. As it turns out, it can actually push your pictures to DSLR-like levels of detail and sharpness if you use it right.

Having a Moment: A Look at Moment's Wide Angle Lenses for the Google Pixel 4

It must have seemed like a gift from the business gods when Google didn't include a wide angle lens on its Pixel 4 series. It meant that third-party phone lens manufacturers such as Moment could sell a boatload of their own take on this specialty lens to new Pixel owners jealous of the iPhone's new third lens.

Is Computational Imaging the Death of Truth in Photography?

I’ve been impressed with the computational imaging I’ve seen with the Google Pixel’s “Night Sight” mode. I’ve also been scared, because there are times where the images that it captures have no correlation with reality, and therein lies the danger of this emerging technology in smartphones.

Adobe Releases Photoshop on iPad

For the first time, Adobe today released proper Photoshop for the iPad. This isn't Photoshop Mix or any of the other past, smaller, less useful apps that broke out limited features of Photoshop in years past. This is the real deal, complete with PSD support and the ability to handle hundreds of layers (yes, hundreds).

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Camera App

Alongside a plethora of app updates and new releases, today, Adobe previewed the Photoshop Camera app at its Adobe MAX 2019 keynote presentation. Recently popularized by the ever-increasing capabilities in today’s most popular smartphones, computational photography is all the rage today. Photoshop Camera is Adobe’s take on what Apple, Samsung, and Google think they do best.

Testing the Moment Superfish Lens

My wife and I went to Copenhagen for the weekend to shoot 7 models together. We stayed in this awesome Scandinavian-styled apartment with a lot of wood finishing and great character. I wanted to try out the Moment Superfish lens to shoot some interiors, typically what I think these lenses will mostly be used for.

Do We Really Need an iPad With Three Cameras?

The term “leaks” seems to be fairly inadequate when it comes to rumors about smartphones and tablets during the month of September, but it certainly gives the tech world a huge amount to write about. One that stood out from last week’s launch event is the prospect of an iPad Pro that features a triple camera.

Will the Google Pixel 4 Be the First Phone That Shoots Astrophotography?

Hype for Google’s new flagship phone has intensified in recent weeks with photographers excited about what new technology the tech giant will be squeezing into its latest model. To add to the fervor, a leaked promo video suggests that a dedicated astrophotography mode will be incorporated.

Google's Pixel 3a: The Best Phone Camera for Photographers

While the Pixel 4 may soon be upon us, right now, the Pixel 3 and 3a series arguably represent the high-water mark for smartphone photography today through a combination of decent optics and more-than-decent artificial intelligence.

Would You Consider a Smartphone for Your Photography

If you believe the advertisements of smartphone manufacturers, the cameras of those devices are amazing and suitable for professional use. Sometimes (often?) these advertisements turn out to be fake, shot with professional DSLR cameras. But how good are those smartphone cameras really?

Apple Is Allegedly Implementing Laser Technology for Their 2020 Cameras

Mobile phone cameras are progressing at breakneck speed. And just when you thought you'd heard it all, there's word that Apple is working with something that sounds ordered by Doctor Evil in the "Austin Powers" series: smartphones with new camera technology, complete with "frickin' laser beams" attached to them.

Fstoppers Reviews: The Affordable Huion HS64 Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets have always been a necessary tool for photo retouchers but just about everyone can benefit from incorporating one into their workflow. Now the new Huion HS64 is a great affordable entry-level option.

iPadOS Finally Makes iPad Worth Considering for Professionals

After a few compatibility and speed tests, for the first time, I will be leaving my laptop behind when I go on a seven day trip out of the country later this month. It’s all thanks to iPad’s new iPadOS, which this year will provide support for external drives and a group of other pro features we’ve been starved for since the iPad first came out.

How to Make Your Instagram Feed More Enjoyable and Useful

About 1 billion people use Instagram each month, that’s 1/8th of the world population. The top four countries other than the United Sates are Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Russia. That’s a huge variety of languages, cultures and perspectives, yet the most followed people on Instagram are celebrities.

Samsung Patents 'Wraparound Display' for New Phone, Screens on Both Sides

While hype around its folding phone continues, Samsung has also acquired patent approval for another, different type of characteristic: a “multi-face display,” wrapping around both sides of the phone. The feature would allow both the phone user and their subject(s) to see what the image looks like while taking pictures.