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Focos Adds Impressive Computational Photography to Your iPhone

I thought I'd seen iPhone camera capabilities stretched just about as far as they could go with add-on apps, but I was wrong. Focos for iOS does a bunch of interesting things, including real bokeh effects, focusing a photo after shooting it which mimics light field photography, and selective diaphragms to give you different bokeh spot effects and 3D lighting, far more powerful and sophisticated than what Apple provides.

Three Reasons to Edit More Photos on Your Phone

Up until a few months ago, I had an elitist view and was of the opinion that my editing process on my 27-inch iMac was the “best” way to edit a photo. But smartphones have changed the game dramatically. Here I've shared some reasons to help you consider including or switching to your phone for your editing workflow.

The Five Most Useful Apps for Planning Photos

Smartphones offer countless useful resources for planning and shooting photos. With tens of thousands of apps, it can be difficult to know which are the best. Here are my top five.

Exploring Hidden Tricks in Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Regardless of what your opinion is of Adobe's subscription model, it is fair to say that Lightroom, in all of its variants, has grown into a powerful platform for photographers, especially on the desktop. With that said, the more I use Lightroom CC Mobile on iOS, the more impressed I become.

BTS: How Apple Made Its 'Made on iPad Pro' Ads With the New iPad Pro

Apple's latest iPad Pro ads tout what you're able to do with the new tablet as it gets closer and closer to offering the full capabilities of your computer, camera, and editing suite. Today, however, Apple shared a look into how it made those ads with the iPad itself (from the shoot to the edit) as the iPad Pro became both subject and filmmaker.

Adobe Updates Lightroom CC for iOS, Adds Shortcuts Support

Last week, Adobe released Lightroom CC Version 4.1.1 for iOS. While such "dot releases" are usually used as maintenance updates with bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated raw libraries, Lightroom CC Version 4.1.1 adds welcomed support for Apple Shortcuts.

TouchRetouch Gives You Pro-Level Object Removal on Mobile Devices

I'm a big user of Content Aware Fill in Photoshop. It's hard to take a photo and not want to remove something. But if I'm shooting with my smartphone, I usually don't want to transfer an image to my computer for serious editing unless I have to. My smartphone photos are usually casual and quick, but often retouching is needed on those photos too.

Why We Love Wide Screens

Have you ever wondered why the back of your DSLR has a wide screen on it, or why your monitor at home has a landscape-orientated format? I always thought this was scientifically proven to be the best and most powerful way to watch motion on a screen, but this video shows us how wide screens became the standard.

Fstoppers Review The Moment Phone Lens Selection

I received the new Moment 58 mm Tele lens a week ago to test, to test so I set up a home studio and got some shots. I also received some other Moment gear, which is also reviewed.

Raw Power 2.0 Update Supercharges Photos on iOS and Mac

Raw Power is a standalone application, but also includes extensions for both iOS' and macOS' Photos applications that give you more creative editing control over your photos. In short, it's the extension that Apple should have included with Photos. And it just got a big update.

Adobe Releases Update to Lightroom CC for iOS

Adobe released an update to Lightroom CC for iOS. In addition to adding camera and lens support for the new Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, Lightroom CC for iOS version 4.0.2 includes support for Apple’s new iPad Pro and second generation Pencil.

The RED Hydrogen One: Disappointing, Overpriced, and Mediocre

RED is a company that's known for making some of the best cinema cameras currently in production. They're known for producing super-high-resolution cameras, but they're also known for their eye-watering price tags. RED has recently produced their first ever smartphone, and so far, the reviews don't look great.

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile Long Exposure: Serious Creative Potential

With a show of hands, how many of you have practiced long exposure photography using your camera and some neutral density (ND) filters? Whoa, that's a lot! Now, how many of you have practiced this type of photography with your mobile phone?

Over 10 Million Downloads: Meet the Developer of Open Camera

I've bemoaned the state of current Android camera apps and so, in the first of this two-parter, I interviewed Martin Johnson, the programmer behind the well respected Snap Camera HDR. As a follow-on, this article interviews Mark Harman, developer of Open Camera.

How Photography Is Used to Solve Crimes, Murders

From sketch renderings to video surveillance, law enforcement uses many techniques to piece together clues for crime-solving. Details and memory often fail us, but there's one medium that never forgets - photography.

Adobe Announces Full Version of Photoshop CC for iPad

Photoshop CC has long been Adobe’s flagship and most recognizable creative product. This marks the first time the software will be available off the desktop in a full-fledged and purely touch-optimized package since Adobe originally released Photoshop 1.0 nearly three decades ago.

Adobe Announces Premiere Rush CC

After taking the wraps off of Project Rush in June, Adobe today released the finalized version of its user-friendly video editing application as Premiere Rush CC.

Moment Announces Support for the Google Pixel 3

Following the Google Pixel 3 announcement, brands are already introducing new products for this amazing smartphone. One of them is Moment, who’s already offering support for its lenses.

Instagram Followers Fooled by Post Claiming iPhone Image Shot on Google Pixel 2

Jonathan Morrison duped his Instagram followers Saturday with an image on his Instagram account captioned, "Pixel 2 Portrait mode 👀 rocking the smalls hat 😂 thoughts?" The next day, Morrison posted the truth about the image actually being shot on an iPhone XS, but not before Google fans claimed victory and Apple fans claimed they liked their photos better.

Hands On: Google Pixel 3

I’m here at Google’s launch event for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in New York. Have they got a world-leading smartphone camera again?

BeautyGate Debunked: An Inside Look at the iPhone's New Camera

Last month, we posted a lot about the new iPhones and how their flagship cameras may have fallen flat against some (very high) expectations. Both before and after the iPhone's release, critics were constantly talking up the new software updates to the camera, but what not many people were talking about was the entirely new hardware.

Beautygate: New iPhone Cameras Automatically Apply Beauty Mode

After Apple’s WWDC conference on September 12, many consumers were excited to upgrade their phones to the latest flagship phones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. One of the biggest selling features of these new devices were the upgraded front and back cameras. Now, after about a week or so of the phones being in the market, people are beginning to notice something strange in the camera.

How Apple Created Those Badass Watch Faces for the New Apple Watch

In case you haven't heard, Apple announced some new devices about a week ago, one of which was the Apple Watch 4. One of the most striking things about the announcement was the intense new watch faces shown during the demo that varied from fire, to water, to colored clouds of dust.

How a Videographer Shot a Short Film on His iPhone For a Film Festival

Moment is a company who makes lenses for iPhones. They recently introduced their Anamorphic lens, and started a festival where some videographers got the opportunity to shoot whatever they wanted to. JR Alli made Disconnected on his iPhone, and this video shows how he did it.

Moment Introduces Their Freshly Redesigned and Improved App

Moment is known for its fantastic smartphones lenses bringing DSLR like experience on your mobile device. They are releasing a new version of their app to offer you the best photographic experience possible on your phone, even if you don’t own any of their lenses.

Avoid Long Editing Hours With Adobe Lightroom CC’s Effective Mobile App

When Lightroom mobile was initially released a few years back, I, like many Adobe users at that time, was curious, and found myself finger tapping all the way to my phone's respective App Store to download it. After that addition to my phone was made, the once fresh home screen icon for a long time sat irrelevant, and relegated to the end of the bench, placed inside of a seldom seen, far lateral, home screen folder.

Is Huawei Mate 10 Pro Really the Best Camera Phone?

The best camera is the one you have with you, and considering the image quality of mobile phones these days, this statement is literally correct. The newly launched Huawei Mate 10 Pro has some impressive camera features, and in this video you will see how it's camera is compared to some other Android flagship devices.