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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: Dual Leica Lenses On a Sleek Smartphone

In order to stand out from the competition, smartphone companies are placing a lot of their focus on developing the best cameras possible for their devices. The Leica-branded two-lens design of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera deserves a closer look.

Fstoppers Reviews VSCO X Mobile App: Consistent Stylized Colors for Mobile Content

Everyone knows I am a workflow nut, and for a content creator who posts many cell phone images, the concept of downloading them to your computer then retouching and grading them and sending back to your phone is simply not efficient. Today we will be looking at the VSCO X app for mobile devices and how I like to use it for that very purpose.

How to Shoot Better Photos on Your Mobile Phone

You might not always have your camera body on you but what about your mobile phone? Learn the basics of shooting better photographs on your mobile so wherever you go, you'll always know how to make the most of the device you've got with you.

How Instagram Is Killing Photography

In a few years, Instagram went from being a niche photo-sharing app to a juggernaut that wields tremendous influence over both social media and photography. That influence isn't always good, and as this great video essay discusses, it's choking photography.

Start Learning Photography With Your Phone

For anyone that would love to start learning photography but doesn't have the means to invest in equipment, this is the perfect place to begin.

Hands-On With the RED Hydrogen One

The new RED Hydrogen One phone has some new and unique display features that got a lot of interest nine months ago. Now RED has taken their new mobile phone to the media to showcase what it can do. Although we aren't allowed to see the screen (it doesn't display well on videos) we can get an idea of what RED is envisioning for the future of capturing video.

Ten Essential Travel Apps for Nomadic Photographers

Besides your camera, your phone is probably the most important tool for a successful photography trip. So if your laptop was stolen, could you get by with your smartphone? Would it be handicapped without a cellular connection?

Apple Shares Some Tips for the iPhonographers Out There

The iPhone has become the world's most popular camera. Apple has done a lot of marketing specifically surrounding the camera features and now shares a few iPhone shooting tips it recommends in a new series of fun videos.

Using a Smartphone for a Bridal Fashion Photoshoot

How many times have we had moments where we wished we had brought our camera with us? Luckily, the technology is advancing fast and far, and our smartphones are becoming more capable of substituting our cameras, at least as a back up for those one-off moments that cannot be always revisited. Wedding Photographers Marko and Vanja, who didn't have their gear with them, luckily had a Samsung Galaxy A5 when all the stars aligned to give them the perfect photo opportunity.

RED Hydrogen One: Details and Specs Emerge Surrounding RED's Holographic Smartphone

The RED Hydrogen One smartphone was announced last summer, but details about a release date and more solid specifications are finally emerging thanks to a post by RED Founder and CEO Jim Jannard. The Android-run smartphone will operate with a Snapdragon 835x processor (as what is currently in the Samsung Galaxy S8) and will feature a massive 4,500 mAh battery (125 percent the battery capacity of the similarly sized Galaxy S8+). But there's much more than just a big battery in RED's 5.7-inch smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 1020: Does It Hold Up Four Years Later?

When Nokia released the Lumia 1020 it touted the largest smartphone sensor available. Nokia was trying to win hearts and minds with their stellar cameras. In the end, the Lumia line failed, but how does the camera stack up four years on?

New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Only $129

DJI have just released an update to the mobile version of their stellar Osmo system. The updates are pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the new price.

Moment Announces a 62mm Filter Mount for Their Smartphone Lenses

Moment has made a name for itself with its beautifully crafted lenses for smartphones. More recently they also teamed up with Freefly to create the Movi, a stabilizer and cinema robot for your iPhone. Today, they announced a new product that follows the trend of shooting professional quality videos and photos with a phone. It’s a 62mm filter mount for their lenses.

The Most Useful Free App for Drone Users

A few weeks ago I reviewed the PolarPro filters for the DJI Spark and loved them. But to make full use of my drone and the adequate ND filter, PolarPro has created an app that I’m sure you’ll appreciate too. It’s available for both Android and iOS, and it’ll help you make sure you can fly your drone in the best conditions possible. Here are my thoughts about it and why you should download it too.

How to Create Cinematic Footage With Your iPhone or Android Device

Filming with a DSLR is always an option, unless you want to capture some behind-the-scenes videos of your shoot or if you are on the go. Then, filming with your smartphone is probably the most straightforward alternative if you don’t want to lug around a camera just for that. The options available are actually more advanced than you may think, at least that is if you rely on Filmic Pro. The people at Moment Lenses created a video to help you out and get started with all the different settings Filmic Pro has to offer.

iPhone X Travel Test: The True Capability of a Phone on a Roadtrip

The iPhone seems to have become much more than a phone in the past few years. It is highly recognized for its sleek, simple design and its camera. During the past year alone, I have found myself using the iPhone's camera more and more for so many different things. In this video, four guys take the iPhone X and test out a bunch of different Moment products on it as they set out on a little venture to the Pacific Northwest.

Wedding Photographers: Ditch Your Gear, the iPhone Is Here

Like any other genre of photography, there are everyday frustrations that one must overcome. For wedding photographers, this is no different. Between Uncle Bobs with their constant ability to somehow always be in the frame or bride or mom-zillas who get amped up over the most minuscule of details, it can make for a long stressful day. Toronto-based Wedding Photographer Barb Simkova, working for Tara McMullen Photography, recently gave herself an additional wedding day challenge: photograph the wedding with nothing more than an iPhone 8 Plus, and the pictures speak for themselves.

New Instagram Features: Hashtag Following and Recommended for You

Two new Instagram features emerged this week: the ability to follow hashtags and the addition of "recommended for you" into a user's feed. This might be great news for freebooters, and not so great news for users who are already disillusioned with Instagram's algorithms.

iPhone Vs. Hasselblad X1D: The Bokeh Comparison

When it comes to background blur, or what we photographers like to call bokeh, it’s a well-known thing that smartphones aren’t the best. In the recent years, however, they have improved, thanks to the dual camera systems and pixel separation algorithms. They have improved so much that some may be tempted to say they are on par with some of the best professional cameras out there. Marques Brownlee decided to see for himself if that was the case and compared the current best smartphones on the market against the Hasselblad X1D.

Affinity Photo for iPad: 50 Percent Off Flash Sale

Serif have just announced a flash, two-day sale of their professional photo editing software, Affinity Photo for iPad. You can buy the software until 7 a.m. EST, Saturday, December 9 for $9.99, a saving of 50 percent on this powerful app.

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Next Idea Is Space Out

When was the last time you stood in a queue or sat on the bus and not taken out your phone to flip down your social feeds, be it Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook? And, if you can't remember or think about a certain time the past year, you need to think about consciously setting up a stage or time of your day where you actually do nothing, and get bored. Why? Because your best ideas come from your mind being free and unfocused, where it can run off to new areas of thought and consciousness and potentially release a new idea or concept for your next shoot or project. This video explains it in more detail. Pay attention to better not pay attention.

Photographer Behind the Iconic Windows XP Desktop Image Is Back With Three New Free Smartphone Wallpapers

Over twenty years ago Chuck O'Rear took a photo that soon became part billions of peoples everyday lives. He captured Bliss on his way to see his girlfriend, he pulled over when he spotted the perfect scene in Sonoma County California. On the side of the road with his medium format camera, he took what would soon become the most viewed image of all time as a staple of Microsoft. After twenty-one years of unimaginable fame, O'Rear is back with a tribute to the epic American nature and a reminder for us all to cherish our earth's beauties.

Fstoppers Reviews the Moto 360 Camera Mod

Motorola has really done something different with their Moto Mod offerings. They have put out an entire line of products that are compatible with multiple Moto phones via a sturdy magnetic docking system. The idea is a genius one in that it finally does not have to live within the tight space requirements of today's wafer-thin phones. Taking the Moto 360 Camera Mod for a spin did not disappoint.

Check Out These Five Short Movies Shot on Five Different iPhones

In the last few years, filmmakers all over the world have been expressing their creativity by shooting short and feature-length movies using their phones, showing that you should never be afraid to tell a story if you don’t own a $50,000 camera. Here are five great ones, shot on five different generations of iPhone, including one shot entirely on the new iPhone X.

AmnesiArt Uses the iPhone X to Shoot a World-Renowned Chef Profile

If you've seen our latest comparison between the iPhone X and the Panasonic GH5, you see that the iPhone suits the run-and-gun type of shooter who makes videos on the go where you want the gear to get out of the way with a small and light form factor. In this video, the team at AmnesiArt made a professional video for Elise Lepinteur, the protegee of Christopher Adam, a worldwide famous pastry chef based in Paris, France.

Meet Rylo, a Powerful New 360-Degree Camera to Capture That Perfect Cinematic Look

Video is so hot right now. If you are a videographer, you are doing very well with the number of opportunities at your disposal on the freelance and commercial front. If you are a photographer, you have an entire world of chances to jump into the scene quickly, cheaply, and with access to high-quality equipment across the board. What about 360-degree video though? That is where Rylo comes in, a 360-degree camera that claims ultra-smooth cinematic footage for the everyday creative.

InMotion: Automated Digital Slider for Your Smartphone

As our phones get better with taking videos, it makes sense why there's an explosion of filmmakers hitting the industry and more and more YouTubers starting off in their new journeys into creating film every day. Hundreds of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and it's only getting bigger. With more people using their phones, GoPros, and mirrorless cameras, the need for gear to make smoother, more professional looking gear has increased. Enter InMotion digital slider.

Adobe Announces Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC Updates and More

Adobe MAX is always a big time of the year for photographers, but this year's announcements and updates are the company's biggest since the introduction of Lightroom. Going forward, the now-old desktop-run Lightroom CC is called Lightroom Classic CC. But there's nothing classic about it when it comes to its performance improvements. This time, it's for real. Lightroom CC is now a completely new, 100-percent cloud-based product that works on any platform: desktop, mobile, and web. And Photoshop CC improvements help tie everything together no matter what you're using.