Video Tutorial: How I Upload My Photos to Facebook

Most of us know that arbitrarily uploading your shots on Facebook generally fuddles them all up, which is a reason to panic considering our image's quality is a big part of how we make a living. Back in December, I wrote an in-depth article on how I export and then upload my photos to Facebook and preserve the quality of images in the process. As clear as I thought I was, I still received tons of questions. As such, here is a step by step video tutorial you can watch as a visual aid for the original article.

The Growth Of Video (And What It Means For Your Photography Business)

Video is booming. Facebook is apparently in talks with several partners for it’s “Anthology” project – higher quality video produced by dedicated market-leading media companies. Adobe found unique visitors to video sites grew 146% in June 2014 year to date, and advertisers shelled out 28.5% more on video ads than they did in the same period. But what does this all mean to those in the photography business and (more importantly) how can you take advantage of it?

Why I'm Not at All Concerned About Google VP Vint Cerf's Warned Bit Rot

Last month, internet pioneer and Google Vice President Vint Cerf warned the world on BBC about the impermanence of our data in a digital form due to the fact that the technology that can read it today will become obsolete. He argued that in a few hundred years, we may not be able to read any of the images or videos created today for the same reason we can't read a floppy disk: because technology will have moved on without us, and without that information. But is he right?

Get Yourself Prepared To Shoot Swimwear Model Photography This Summer

We've had one hell of a cold, long winter this year here in North America. On top of that, I live in Houston, Texas, so this business of freezing rain in March can go die in a fire already. I enjoyed shooting moody styles outside during this extended drabness in recent months, if I'm honest. However, sunny days are coming and I couldn't happier it because summer means outdoor swimwear projects begin, which is one of my favorite styles to shoot. However, having been so bleak for so long this winter, have you gotten yourself prepped for this most popular of fashion and glamour photography seasons?

Tony Northrup Compares The Yongnuo And Canon 50mm 1.8

Yongnuo recently released a 50mm F1.8 auto focus lens to compete with the very popular Canon version. The Canon 50mm F1.8 is already considered a bargain lens, so with the Yongnuo coming in at half the already bargain basement price, can it possibly perform equally or even better? Tony Northrup put together a fantastic and comprehensive video that pits these two lenses side by side in a comparison that will answer all your questions.

Which Is The Ultimate Nikon Portrait Lens? 200mm, 135mm or 85mm ?

The photographer makes the photo, not the gear. That being said, it’s essential to have the best tools for your career. Would a doctor go into surgery with a blunt scalpel? There's a lot of debate when it comes to the topic "best portrait lens." Personally, my choice of lens until now has been the Nikon 85mm 1.4G. A few months ago I decided to rethink my choice of lens and tried the Nikon 200mm f2 and Nikon 135mm f2. Here are the pros and cons for both lenses and examples of what they can do.

 Is Flixel Ushering In A New Era For Photography?

We’ve heard plenty about the death of the humble photo as video proliferates. But photography is still far more accessible than video, often because video editing is still so time intensive. Instagram introduced video more than a year ago yet it is still predominantly a platform for sharing still photographs. But all that could be about to change. Last month I shot video as Flixel partnered with Lindsay Adler and saw something very interesting take place that got me thinking - could we be about to usher in a completely new era for photography?

Why It's Important (and How) to Invest in Yourself by Finding Mentors That Are Worth It
Education is important. That’s no secret. But sometimes, it’s easy to discount the value of furthering education for photography after you’ve completed your undergraduate or graduate degree(s). The fact is, there’s always something more to learn — something that’s worth learning because it will sharpen your skills for the next job while helping you form and evolve your personal style.

 Glamour Video Is A Thing or Why I Am Returning To Video After More Than A Decade

I have spent the last 6 years cultivating a photography service brand and working to hone my image making skills on a daily basis, but the fact remains that photography is a relatively new endeavor for me. I was a graphics designer from 1990 or so until arguably 2012 (or today), with the occasional design job popping up that I cannot say no to. However, there was also this era in the 1990's where I was a videographer and video editor, shooting everything from local TV spots to interactive media clips to weddings. The embryonic days of digital video are mercifully long gone, but what happens when an old dog jumps into the modern world of video? I aimed to find out.

Flying Your Photography Gear Using a Media Rate

Many of you know about my headshot work, but one of the other major areas of my business is photography for hotels, also known as hospitality photography. Hospitality photography often requires a jack-of-all-trades. I frequently shoot food, cocktails, headshots, mock weddings, and work with models for lifestyle shots. Then add to all that the architectural elements and details of the interior and exterior of the property and you have a shoot that requires quite a bit of different types of gear. When you add it all up, sometimes I’m flying a few hundred pounds worth of gear with me. As I was traveling recently, I thought it was a good time to write up an article about flying and traveling with your gear, and the best way you can minimize the cost of moving it all.

Instagram's Latest Weekend Hashtag Project Takes the Last Stab at Targeting Vine

Having been on Instagram ("IG") for over four years now, it's been incredible to see the evolution from a basic photo taking, filter adding iPhone application to the world's fastest growing social network. Since its purchase by Facebook almost three years ago, IG has fought its way to the top. IG has added feature after feature, competing directly with other social networks, like Vine, to stay ahead. This weekend, Instagram is taking it's last shot to finish them off and it makes me so very happy!esw3