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How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer: 7 Tips You Should Know

If you're looking into hiring a wedding photographer, you may not have much experience with the profession. Although you can pick photographers you like, there is more to the story than just that. So, how can you make sure you're hiring the right photographer? Here are seven tips that can help ensure you aren't disappointed.

5 Investments New Wedding Photographers Should Make

Wedding photography is a highly competitive genre that requires a lot of anyone looking to make a career of it. And so, when you are first starting, it is important to do everything you can to give yourself the best chances for success. This excellent video tutorial features a seasoned wedding pro discussing five things you should invest in when starting a wedding photography business.

Add Depth to Your Photos Using Mixed Lighting

If you’re a wedding or event photographer, it’s likely you’ve come across mixed lighting situations, and understanding how to work with or around it is crucial. If done right, mixed lighting can have a flattering effect and can add visual interest and depth to your photos.

3 Ways To Fix Mixed Lighting in Your Photos

If you're a wedding or event photographer, chances are, you've encountered mixed lighting situations. Though mixed lighting can be used creatively, there are times when it just isn't ideal. Today, I'll be walking through several examples of mixed lighting conditions with solutions on how you can work around it on location or fix it in post-production.

Fstoppers Reviews the StellaPro CLx10

I’ve used a ton of constant lights. What they almost always have in common is that they just aren't powerful enough to keep up with the majority of shooting conditions. The StellaPro CLx10 solves that problem plus so much more.

How to Efficiently and Effectively Shoot Wedding Family Formals

Wedding photography requires you to be at the top of your game, as there are a lot of must-have shots and no second chances. One of the most important sets of images is the family formals, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how to shoot them quickly, effectively, and with as little stress as possible.

5 Helpful Wedding Reception Lighting Tips

Unfortunately, wedding reception venues are not really designed with photographers in mind and are often quite dark, but your clients will still expect high-quality photos of their special day. So, how can you ensure that you are getting top-notch images? This helpful video tutorial features a seasoned wedding photographer sharing five tips to improve your wedding reception lighting.

Want to Be a Better Wedding Photographer? Try Street Photography

Wedding photography is a challenging, high-pressure genre, and anything you can do to be as prepared as possible will help you to ensure that when the big day comes, you can deliver the shots your clients want. One way to improve your abilities that you might not have considered is street photography, and this excellent video will show you why you should practice it.

5 Things You Should Do Before Every Wedding You Photograph

Wedding photography is a high-pressure genre in which being prepared in every aspect is crucial to ensuring success when the big day arrives. This excellent video tutorial features a seasoned wedding photographer discussing five things you should do before every wedding you shoot.

Capturing Moments in Wedding Photography Using Waffles

Today we’re going to discuss how WAFFLES will make you better at capturing moments in wedding photography. Yes, you heard me right. Delicious, warm, smothered in syrup waffles! Actually, it’s an acronym, because who doesn’t love a tasty acronym?

5 Things Every Wedding Photographer Should Do After a Wedding

Wedding photography is a challenging, high-pressure genre, but the work does not end once you leave the venue for the night. There are some crucial things you should do after every wedding to give your business the best chance for success, and this excellent video discusses five of the most important.

Wedding Photography: Is Life Better as a Second Shooter?

Wedding photography is a rather polarizing genre, with many people warning against getting into it due to its pressures and expectations. But for those who have an interest in it but might be put off by its demands, there is another option: being a second shooter. This excellent video discusses five reasons why being a second shooter might be the best choice for you.

7 Easily Missed Wedding Photos and How To Make Sure You Get Them

Wedding photography is a high-stakes genre, with a lot of must-have shots for which you do not get a second chance. This excellent video tutorial discusses seven easily missed wedding photos and what you can do to make sure you get all the shots.

What Gear Do You Need to Photograph Your First Wedding?

A lot of new photographers view weddings as an easy way to break into professional photography while making a lot of money with minimal time, effort, and gear. As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I can tell you part of that is true.

5 Common Traps New Wedding Photographers Fall Into

Wedding photography is a challenging genre that requires you to be at the top of your game in every facet. If you are new to it, it can be easy to make mistakes along the way. This excellent video tutorial discusses five common traps new wedding photographers fall into and how to be better by avoiding them.

6 Lighting Setups To Take Your Reception Images To the Next Level

Reception lighting is where most photographers struggle the most. The chaos of the dance floor mixed with low-light shooting conditions make for a constant struggle. But these six lighting setups will help you take your reception images to the next level.

Five Pieces of Gear That Will Change Your Wedding Photography

What are the obscure items that you carry with you on the day of shooting a wedding that make the day run smoother or make your results that little bit more pro? Here are five things you might not have thought of that could make a big difference.

The Perfect Entry to Off-Camera Flash? The Godox AD100Pro Reviewed

Godox’s line of flashes, including the incredibly popular AD200 and V1, have become a mainstay of the on and off-camera lighting market. They’ve become so popular, in part, thanks to the surprising value and feature set offered at each price point. As a result, the AD100Pro, a new addition to the line, has quite the legacy to live up to. Has it earned a place in photographer’s bags?

Is the Canon EOS R5 the Best Camera for Wedding Photographers?

For a long time, Canon's 5D DSLR series bodies were the cameras of choice for quite a lot of wedding photographers. The EOS R5 is the company's mirrorless analog to the beloved 5D, but it brings with it a variety of major improvements and new features. Is it the next bread and butter camera for wedding photographers? This excellent video review takes a look at the camera from a wedding photographer's perspective and how it holds up in demanding environments.

10 Easy Poses For Wedding Photography

For a lot of beginners — and even for some seasoned photographers — posing your subjects can be one of the most difficult aspects of photographing people. This video from an experienced wedding photographer offers 10 poses that you can try out without breaking into a creative sweat.

How To Prepare for Day of Wedding Photography

Finely tuned preparation is critical to successful wedding photography, particularly if you want to avoid unnecessary stress on the big day. Wedding photographer and Fuji ambassador John Branch IV runs you through how he gets ready for a couple’s big day.

How Consumer Photographers Have Tapped Into the TikTok Market

With every social media boom comes a new wave of photographers navigating its landscape. The TikTok world is completely different from the platforms of the past. On Facebook and Instagram, things are easy enough for photographers: post stills, write captions, engage, engage, engage. On TikTok, however, it’s a whole new ballgame, one that photographers aren’t quite yet prepared for.

How to Photograph Wedding Rings

Weddings are just as much about the detail shots as they are about capturing the people involved in the day. And perhaps no detail shot is more important than the rings, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you how to capture them in an elegant way that will create a fantastic memory for the couple.

Beginning Steps to Filming Weddings

Have you been considering getting into filming weddings, but not sure where to start? Here are six first steps to help you get started.

The Fujifilm GFX 100: Can Medium Format Match the Demands of Wedding Photography?

When you think of medium format cameras, you do not generally think of them as working fast enough to keep up with the demands of wedding photography, but on the other hand, the Fujifilm GFX 100 is not a normal medium format camera. This great video discusses how well it performs for wedding photography.

7 Myths and Misconceptions About Being a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging genres out there for a wide variety of reasons, and there are a lot of myths and misunderstands floating around about what it is like to work as one and how you should run your business. This fantastic video features a seasoned wedding photographer discussing seven prominent myths and misconceptions about wedding photography and setting the record straight.

This Is How You Prepare for a Wedding Shoot

Avoid the rookie mistakes that other amateurs make and jump ahead with some professional preparation for your first, or your next wedding photoshoot. You'll be surprised how often these steps are overlooked.

7 Important Lessons You Should Know About Filming Weddings

Filming weddings is certainly a difficult specialty, with a wide range of technical and creative challenges that require great skills and the ability to improvise too. Whether you are new to the job or a seasoned pro, this fantastic video features a filmmaker discussing seven lessons he has learned about how to film a wedding.

Filming a Wedding With the Sony a7S III: Just How Good Is It?

Sony’s new a7S III is quite the piece of gear on paper, but how does it perform out in the real world? Videographer Matt Johnson puts it through its paces shooting a beautiful Texas wedding, complete with high temperatures, bright highlights, and dark shadows — not to mention some dim interiors and a couple of donkeys.

Will Off Camera Flash Make The iPhone a Professional Camera?

The day has finally come when photographers can sync their powerful off-camera flashes with their Apple iPhone using Profoto's new AirX syncing system. Being the skeptic I am, I had to see for myself if using 500 Ws of powerful strobe light with your cell phone was simply a gimmick or potentially an industry game-changer. Today, I'm left swallowing my pride.

Few Tips and Advice for Shooting Surprise Proposals

Even in the most tumultuous of times, life still goes on and people are still getting engaged and planning their weddings. If you've had an inquiry for a surprise proposal, here are some things you may want to consider as you prepare for your shoot.

Videographer Captures Beirut Blast During Wedding Photoshoot

Dr. Israa Seblani, the bride in the video, was posing for her wedding shoot in Beirut on Tuesday when the blast hit. The wedding photographer, Mohammed Nakib, was able to capture the shockwave from the blast in the video linked above.

Can You Be a Wedding Photographer as an Introvert?

Wedding photography takes the ability to interact with and direct numerous people over the span of sometimes 12-16 hours, and it can be an exhausting experience even for the most extroverted of those among us. Many creatives tend to be introverted, however, which may leave you wondering: if you are an introvert, should you avoid becoming a wedding photographer? This great video discusses the topic.

Your Next Piece of Gear in the Time of COVID

Gear is a central piece of a photographer's day-to-day. Certainly, gear articles make up a large portion of what we write about here on Fstoppers. What if your next piece of gear was really important, like life or death important?

Can You Shoot Professionally With Just an iPhone?

There are dozens of articles pitting iPhones against typical pro-grade cameras. Dozens of iPhones shootouts. But, what happens when a professional photographer actually relies on an iPhone to shoot and deliver work to clients?

Building a Wedding Photography Portfolio in a Pandemic

It is quite an uncertain time for wedding photographers. We don’t know when our next event will be or what weddings will look like in the near future. What we do know is that people will still be getting married one way or another. However, it can feel creatively exhausting to go for months on end without photographing what you love.

Ways to Keep Cash Flow When Your Wedding Photography Bookings Have Postponed

It is a difficult time for wedding photographers in 2020. Wedding bookings, for the time being, have postponed or canceled. Many couples in the United States have shifted their wedding dates to 2021, leaving wedding photographers without thousands of dollars of anticipated income for the rest of the year. So, how can wedding photographers keep cash flowing into their business during COVID-19?

How to Book More Wedding Clients With a Photobooth

I know a lot of wedding photographers that buy a photo booth in order to make a little more money from each client. While this is definitely a great reason to buy one, there are a few ways to use a photo booth that can help you book more clients instead of just making a little more money.