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Mastering the Rain Shot: Lighting

Rain during a couple’s portrait session can be hugely annoying for a wedding photographer. A dramatic rain shot can be the silver lining, but only if you’re fully prepared, especially on the lighting front.

Wedding Vendors Aren't Entitled to Pictures

In a typical wedding, dozens of vendors come together to make the bride's day special. All these vendors have one thing in common: the photographer doesn't owe them a single picture.

Five Tips for Surviving a Bad Day as a Photographer

Yes, photographers can and do have bad days. Following your favorite photographers on Instagram, it might seem that all the photographers in the world are cruising along while you alone battle horrible days. And guess what, bad days are more common than you might think. So, it is important that we as a community learn and help each other survive bad days. I’ve created an action plan for myself that has helped me overcome difficult days and I hope this will help you as well.

Realizations From the Other Side of the Camera Lens

A little over a month ago, I got married. Now that the dust has settled, I thought I might share some realizations I had from being on the other side of the camera lens for a change.

Yosemite Mystery Couple Found! Fstoppers Has Photos to Prove It

When Melissa Ngo stepped out onto Taft Point in Yosemite National Park with her fiancee, Charlie Vo, and saw him drop to one knee, present her with a Ring Pop, and ask for her hand in marriage, she was shocked — probably because they’d been engaged since February. She was shocked once again a couple weeks later when Vo asked her to confirm they were, in fact, the mystery couple captured in photographer Matthew Dippel’s viral photo that recently gained worldwide attention.

Leave The iPad at Home, Print Your Portfolio

Every photographer today has a digital portfolio of some kind but only a very few have spent the time to create a printed book. In this video, we look into three very differently designed printed portfolios.

Wedding Photographer Shoves Stepmom With Phone out of the Way to Shoot First Kiss

Wedding photography is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges, not the least of which is guests with smartphones jockeying for position to take snapshots. One wedding photographer was having none of it when a guest stepped in front of her, shoving the offending guest aside to get the shot.

A Dozen Women Come Forward to Say Photographer Took Money, Then Disappeared or Delivered Horrible Pictures

A woman has described herself as “heartbroken” after she was one of 12 people to appear on Fox News to out a wedding photographer they say takes money but delivers blurry photos, if she even turns up at all. They all allegedly paid thousands, but had to threaten court action before receiving any photos and found what they did recover to be woefully inadequate.

How Shooting With a Mirrorless Camera Made Me a Better Photographer

Gear cannot make you a better photographer. This statement is said over and over and I actually really believe it. But despite believing this statement to be true, I also believe that switching to mirrorless has made me a better photographer.

Three Tips to Photograph Your First Wedding Like a Pro

Photographing your first wedding can bring a lot of anxiety and excitement. It's a big deal to be responsible for photographing a couple's most important day. Here are three tips to photograph your first wedding like a pro.

Wedding Photography and Finding Your Niche

The wedding photography industry can be described in one way: over-saturated. With this in mind, it can be an overwhelming and discouraging thought to stick out from the crowd. However, creating a niche for yourself is a surefire way to get seen by more clients.

Quick Tips for Photographing Bridesmaids

Shooting the bridesmaids is one of the more significant parts of any wedding shoot, apart from photographing the bride and the groom. In fact, you never know, a few of them may end up as your future clients too. Here is Vanessa Joy for Adorama giving her two cents on prepping up to shoot the bridesmaids.

How Quitting Wedding Photography Changed My Life

There was a time in my life that weddings were my main source of income. After being laid off from my job as a scientist, my hobby soon turned into a career. When I was first starting out, I took any and every gig I could to make ends meet. However, I held a secret during that time that I would never had admitted until now. I hated weddings.

Can This Disastrous Wedding Footage Be Salvaged?

As both the photographer or videographer, and the client, horrendous results are our worst nightmare. So when the videography of a wedding was dire and deemed unsalvageable, Josh Yeo stepped in to see if he could rescue it.

Bridal Portraits: Thinking Outside the Box

Although I've been shooting weddings for years, I've always done bridal portraits as a "day of" service. In Colorado, there wasn't much of a market for bridal portraits before the big day. Now that I've moved to North Carolina, it's an entirely different ballgame! Pre-wedding portraits are big business down South. So, how can you separate yourself from the pack? Well for starters, take advantage of the fact that you now have one resource that isn't on your side on the actual wedding day: time.

How to Make a Great Impression With Prospective Clients

Take a look back at some recent client work of yours, and simply ask the following question: Did I bring to the table a deep and thoughtful understanding of my clients' photography wants, and needs? Or did I instead find myself photographing based only on my own personal needs as a photographer?

What Kind of Photographer Will You Become?

Who we are as artists and photographers is usually a process that takes time and a deeper internal dialogue to understand, and the initial direction we go will almost always be left on the wayside as we develop our abilities and discover our passions. How do some of the most accomplished photographers in the world start in the industry and do they grow into or out of their genres?

A Minimalist Wedding Photographer’s Gear Guide

Do you want to lighten your gear load on a wedding day? These two minimalist wedding photographers share what gear they now carry after switching from the typical DSLR.

How to Deliver a Client Gallery on a Shoestring Budget

Client galleries have become the de facto way of distributing photos post-shoot, whether you are a seasoned pro delivering to a corporate client or helping out at a friend's wedding. Can you do this on a shoestring and is there an efficient workflow?