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How to Make a Great Impression With Prospective Clients

Take a look back at some recent client work of yours, and simply ask the following question: Did I bring to the table a deep and thoughtful understanding of my clients' photography wants, and needs? Or did I instead find myself photographing based only on my own personal needs as a photographer?

What Kind of Photographer Will You Become?

Who we are as artists and photographers is usually a process that takes time and a deeper internal dialogue to understand, and the initial direction we go will almost always be left on the wayside as we develop our abilities and discover our passions. How do some of the most accomplished photographers in the world start in the industry and do they grow into or out of their genres?

A Minimalist Wedding Photographer’s Gear Guide

Do you want to lighten your gear load on a wedding day? These two minimalist wedding photographers share what gear they now carry after switching from the typical DSLR.

How to Deliver a Client Gallery on a Shoestring Budget

Client galleries have become the de facto way of distributing photos post-shoot, whether you are a seasoned pro delivering to a corporate client or helping out at a friend's wedding. Can you do this on a shoestring and is there an efficient workflow?

The Royal Wedding: The First Official Images

The first official photographs of the most talked about wedding of the year has now flooded the Internet. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared three of the images this morning and are simply stunning. They were released by Kensington Palace. The wedding was classic and stunning right down to the archway of flowers made of the favorite flowers of the late Princess Diana, Harry's mother.

The Royal Wedding Photos Critiqued

Jared Polin, better known as “The Fro,” recently released a video where he reviews a few of the royal wedding photos taken by famed Photographer Alexi Lubomirski. As this was not just a wedding, but a royal wedding watched by millions around the world, the pressure to execute flawless images I can only image was tremendous for Lumbomirski.

Go Behind the Scenes With the Photographer of the Royal Wedding

I can't think of a more high-pressure job than photographing the royal wedding, but Alexi Lubomirski took the challenge and delivered in spades. This neat interview sees him detail the 25 minutes he had to capture six portraits and the challenges he faced during that time.

How One Photographer Captured a Unique Royal Wedding Image

Besides my daughter's first birthday party, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was the premier event this past weekend, watched by millions around the world. One photograph stood out for its unique viewpoint, rightfully going viral and being widely praised. The photographer has spoken out about he got the shot.

Why and How a Wedding Photographer Captures the Entire Day Using Only Prime Lenses

There's a longstanding debate about using primes versus zooms in wedding photography. Much of it involves balancing a pragmatic approach with maintaining a level of creativity that shows off your style and encapsulates the life and love of the day. This wedding photographer will both tell you why she uses primes and walk you through a typical wedding using them.

Maximize Image Impact With Off-Camera Light for Wedding Photography

Do you struggle when photographing small, intimate wedding ceremonies where natural lighting is inadequate or even non-existent? As a wedding photographer, you need to have the right tools to light a venue, and more importantly, you need to know how to use them to make amazing images.

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing: Part 2

Is your pricing holding you back from your goals? In the second part of this series on wedding photography pricing, we will explain how to create packages that compliment your goals and how to add value to your photography.

Wedding Photography: Behind the Scenes

The thought of a full day of wedding photography, with its many layers, can surely be overwhelming. And with that said check out this behind the scenes, wedding day tour to place your mind at ease.

The Photojournalist's Way With Paul Gero

B&H recently released a set of videos from their Depth of Field 2018 event. While all the videos are worth watching, I found “The Photojournalist's Way with Paul Gero” particularly interesting.

A Guide to Standards in Being the Second Shooter

Surprisingly often, simple courtesy is overlooked by photographers when hired to perform work as a peer. These principles sure seem like common sense, so what could be the problem? Take a look at these basic standards of professionalism.

Five Ways to Improve Your Posing

When it comes to taking images of couples, one of the biggest struggles photographers deal with is posing. Since posing can make or break and good image, these five tips can take your posing to next level.

What Outsourcing to India Really Looks Like

If you are like me, you probably get numerous emails and Facebook messages from people in India wanting you to use their services for your image editing. While these individuals may give outsourcing to India a bad reputation, I’m here to show you what it’s really like at the reputable post-production service provider that is located in Mumbai, India: Pro Image Editors.

Essential Wedding Photo Gear: What's In Your Bag?

The wedding industry is a monster of a consumer industry and when it comes to photography, there are plenty of items out there marketed towards the needy wedding photographer. Phil and Sara of PS Photo Stuff dive into their wedding photography kits to give you a candid look at the gear they find most useful when shooting weddings. Perhaps your wedding photography kit looks similar.

Get Started With Wedding Photography This Season

As Spring gathers steam and hits its stride, wedding photographers all over gear up for sleepless nights in front of a monitor, intoxicated Macarena dance moves, and most importantly, activity in their bank accounts once more. Feeling left out of all that fun? Here are some pointers for joining in on the fun.

How Personal Work Can Improve Your Professional Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, it's not always easy to find balance between the style of work you're genuinely passionate about and the type of work that pays the bills. So, how can you shoot personal projects to improve your professional photography work?

A Quick Guide to Wedding and Engagement Poses to Jumpstart Your Photos

We can talk fairly objectively about camera settings and post-processing techniques, but something that remains a bit more nebulous and difficult to learn is posing. This great video will show you a range of great poses for your next wedding or engagement shoot.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Wedding Family Photos 101

Capturing consistently great group photos during the hectic atmosphere of a wedding day is no small feat. Take a behind the scenes tour of how a veteran photographer of over 27 years and 1,000 worldwide weddings gets it done.

How Does Your Wedding Photography Business Compare to Others'?

As artistic as us wedding photographers might be, we still love a good dose of useful statistics to reflect on our own business from last year and to make targets going forward. So, how does your wedding business compare to other photographers operating in the U.K.?

The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing: Part 1

In the past few years, the growing number of wedding photographers and their vast range of prices have made finding your value as a photographer challenging. This series of articles will help you to navigate your prices to meet your goals and earn your worth as a wedding photographer.

Commercial Wedding Photography: Is It for Everyone?

The 2018 wedding season is quickly approaching for many of us. Long days, bridezillas, constantly on the move, all for that amazing shot the couple will look back on decades later to reminisce about their special day.

Fstoppers Reviews The Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

When I first started shooting flash, I would lug my big studio lights and battery packs from location to location. But after a while, this became such a hassle that I stopped doing it. I instead settled for using a hot shoe flash or just shooting with no flash at all. But this may change now that Elinchrom has the new ELB 500 TTL. Not only does this light offer a significant increase in power compared to a traditional hot shoe flash, but it also does it with a much smaller package than standard studio lights while maintaining the benefits of TTL and HSS.

Why I Don't Like to Shoot Weddings Alone

There's much to be said about enriching the photography industry through positive and honest collaborations between professionals, but one thing I think we don't talk about enough is the benefits of shooting weddings with a trusted second shooter and how it can benefit your business and even your wellbeing.

Couple's Wedding Shoot Crashed by a Police Chase

When Wedding Photographer Annie Crossman was shooting her last wedding before her maternity break, she wanted to make it a memorable one. However, she never expected it to end up on local news after police crashed it.

Using a Smartphone for a Bridal Fashion Photoshoot

How many times have we had moments where we wished we had brought our camera with us? Luckily, the technology is advancing fast and far, and our smartphones are becoming more capable of substituting our cameras, at least as a back up for those one-off moments that cannot be always revisited. Wedding Photographers Marko and Vanja, who didn't have their gear with them, luckily had a Samsung Galaxy A5 when all the stars aligned to give them the perfect photo opportunity.

Newlyweds Have Wedding Photos Taken in Front of Erupting Volcano

We’ve seen some adventurous wedding and engagement photos, including couples who have hiked up a mountain or flown out to the Grand Canyon. But one couple has incredibly unique wedding photos, after getting married with the Mount Mayon volcano erupting in the background.

How to Use Flash With Four Unique Light Modifiers

I can still remember the first time I saw the effects of bounce flash. The soft natural light looked unlike anything I had seen from my little point and shoot's direct flash, and the resulting image looked so natural. Soon afterward I was introduced to off camera flash and a variety of light modifiers. The results between all of these lighting techniques were not subtle and I became obsessed with finding my favorite tools to light people. In today's video, I explain how one single flash both on and off camera, and a few light modifiers can give you the perfect light quickly and easily.

How to Photograph a Wedding Cake: Free Excerpt and Massive Discount on Fstoppers Tutorial

Several years ago, Fstoppers created a comprehensive tutorial on everything wedding photography. The tutorial includes over 14 hours of content revealing shooting techniques and successful tips on running a wedding photography business. Today, we're offering a free excerpt from the full tutorial to the Fstoppers community. Additionally, to celebrate our 30 videos spree during January, we're offering one of our biggest discounts ever if you choose to purchase the full tutorial. To save $200, simply use code "CAKE" at checkout.