Fstoppers Is Asking for Your Help

Fstoppers Is Asking for Your Help

Fstoppers has worked hard to bring you valuable educational content from incredible photographers like Peter Hurley, Mike Kelley, Dylan Patrick, Elia Locardi, and Joey Wright. Now we're asking for your help!  We at Fstoppers are preparing to create our next premium photography tutorial which will probably cost around $300. We would like to know from the Fstoppers community which genres we should focus on and who it should be with. Would you take a quick one minute survey to help us out? 


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Peter Timmer's picture

I filled in the survey, i think advertising photography would be great. Showing the creative and business side between a clients request to the finished product.

Bill Peppas's picture

Landscape photography.
Tutors ?
Any of the following:

Marc Adamus
Ted Gore
Ryan DeFreece Dyar
Daniel Kordan

oliver ahrndt's picture

Black and white with Nathan Elson would be awesome

Daris Fox's picture

The tutorial market is heavily saturated but more niche topics like covering the actual nuts and bolts of photography, national and international markets and how to target those markets would be worthwhile alongside a how to do a commercial project from actually doing the pitch right through to actually how to present projects to clients as most videos that exist only cover the actual shoot and editing. Some of this will vary on the genre but the basics are applicable to most genres.

It's the main area of photography that's neglected as many people just don't know how to do the business side of things.

Dennis McConnaughhay's picture

Product photography!!!

Adam Chandler's picture

I think an editorial portraiture class would be awesome. Many of my favorite images are those that accompany articles in publications such as Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure, Garden & Gun, Rolling Stone etc. Topics could include lighting, story telling, marketing, connecting with and directing your subjects, client relations etc. Names that come to mind are Peter Yang, Peter Frank Edwards, Emily Shur, Squire Fox, John Keatley...

Patrick Hall's picture

You know you are from Charleston when Peter Frank Edwards and Squire Fox get brought up :)

Anonymous's picture

None of the above. Wrote in for Medium Format film covering what to look for when buying a body, the equipment you'll need to be successful with medium format... through taking pictures and getting them developed / digitized.

JIMMY DANIEL's picture

Something about non conventional photography or comercial photography. Experimental photography, liquid drop photography, those topics will be great!

Patrick Shipstad's picture

I filled out the survey.. a Jaime Ibarra tutorial would be awesome!

Ryan Cooper's picture

My biggest thing would be I'd love to see something that brings in a really amazing portrait photographer and then focuses on their elite level technique. Almost all tutorials out there assume you are a relative beginner and spend most of the tutorial (re)teaching relatively basic skills.

I'd love to see a series that sits down with someone like Von Wong or Joey L and really digs into the more advanced concepts that they are using to bring their work to the next level.

A really good example was Erik Almas' tutorials where he spends entire videos talking about advanced composition theory that goes way way beyond the rule of thirds.

I'd also love to see something completely focused on creating advanced portrait work in extremely low light situations. For example lighting a scene on a rooftop in the dead of night. Or creating cinematic lighting that is designed to look like the scene was lit by candles and maybe a fireplace.

PS: Another cool one would be something completely built around understanding what commercial photo editors are looking for in professional work. (And how to create it) I feel a lot of photographers don't even know how to contrast an image that is pretty good but wouldn't be considered commercially viable from one that might be used for a $100,000 campaign.

Yechiel Orgel's picture

Still Life, beverage,splash, Cosmetics.

Daniel Lindh
Peter Schafrick
Steve Hansen
warren ryley
Will Styer
marc tule
.darrin haddad

Patrick Hall's picture

That is quite the list Yechiel! I hope you are doing well bud, you are one of the best success stories I know :)

Yechiel Orgel's picture

Hey Patrick, what are your thoughts in regards to that list ?

Ryan Mense's picture

How to Support Your Growing Family with Ken Rockwell

David Cannon's picture

I see what you did there! :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Anytime Ken Rockwell wants to do a tutorial, the offer is on the table no questions asked

Jeff McCollough's picture

I like the idea of an advertising photography course but that isn't standard product photography in a studio. More like a lifestyle type for both products and clothes but not the beachy kind with sun flares.

I also like the idea of a corporate photography course for businesses where you would go in and do headshots, stock photos of the employees working etc etc.

Pete Whittaker's picture

A course on business and marketing for photographers. There could be a general overview of best practices plus interviews with successful photographers as case studies of how the business side of photography operates in different genres.

Alric Farmer's picture

Work with Peter Coulson how to get the look with a medium format camera

Paulo Macedo's picture

Just left mine.
I would love to see something about the fears of starting a business.
Like a documentary, where a photographer actually starts a business, the fears, the "must do" things. Like something inspirational. A true guide on how successful a photographer can be, when the "i must do this" click happens. This could even come like a home made series, with episodes..i don't know, just an idea.
Just to have that first person perspective and the efforts needed to actually build something up.
There are so many good photographers out there, who fall in the shadows of fear and never become "popular".

cqphoto's picture

filled out the survey. lifestyle photography was missing from your list. i've been trying for a long time to find anything on that style to learn some of the basics and EVERYTHING is so surface level and superficial that i'm not really sure where to start.
i would like to get John Schell or Adam Dillon to teach a class on their particular brand of Lifestyle Photography

Michael Kormos's picture

I would love to see a comprehensive video tutorial on how to start your own blogsite, initially focused on BTS videos, and how to diversify its content by adding product reviews, freelance blog writers, article reposts, and even your own line of products :-)

Joe Black's picture

First and foremost the tutorials in Fstoppers are amazing. I wish the tutorials here have the same interface as in Creative Live.

In Fstoppers you get an email with links so you can download the videos. Those links expire so if you have missed one video you need to request a refresh of the links.

Where in CL you can stream them online and download them if you need. I find myself sometimes on my phone wanting to watch a part of the video that I purchased. That video however sits in my computer (Can't possibly have all of them on my phone). Where if I it is a CL tutorial I can stream it anywhere.

I bought Eric Almas's tutorial video for RGG EDU and I think it's the best tutorial I've seen so far. Thorough, thoughtful, honest and inspiring. Would love to see him again in another video tutorial.

Thanakrit Sathavornmanee's picture

I would consider Macro and/or product photography to make for a very interesting tutorial.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

First thing to to ban the phrase "Hi guys ! This is "state your name" to tell how to do XYZ"

There are a lot of sources for information out there these days, so to ask $300 for another tootorial it better be damn good and go beyond a cursory look at whatever genre you pick. Think of it as a 300 level college class not an intro to the genre.
And you need good instructors, after all just because you know how to do some thing doesn;t automatically mean that you know how to teach.

Medium format film photography, wet mount + drum scanning. Pretty niche but happy to put my hand up.

Simon Patterson's picture

Looks like I'm not your target audience as it doesn't matter how amazing the content is, I wouldn't pay $300 for it. I suspect that kind of investment is mainly for people for whom photography is a business rather than amateurs/hobbyists like me.

So I did full out the survey but only to tick the first box. Hope that is useful data!