Creating A Time Slice Photo

Watch as LA based photographer Dan Marker-Moore shows us how he stitches hundreds of photos together to make one Time Slice image. Dan travelled Hong Kong and Shanghai to shoot the same landscapes at different times of the day.  This series of photos were then color corrected in Lightroom before a composite was created in After Effects. By lining up slices of the photographs, that had been offset in time / exposures, the photos create a sense of time-in-motion for each landscape.

I'm Dan Marker-Moore. Follow me on my journey through Hong Kong and Shanghai and learn how I stitch together hundreds of photos to make one Time Slice image. I use Adobe Lightroom to color correct and After Effects to composite.

Artist: Dan Marker-Moore
Director: Amir Noorani
Coordinator: Kimberly Perplies

via [Laughing Squid]

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Damn that's lot of focusing and work, between collecting, organizing and stitching it all together is something amazing. Thank you Kenn for sharing it with us

Interesting choice of software. I'd really love to know why he chooses AE instead of Photoshop.

He mentions very quickly offsetting the images based on time. I wonder if there is a function in AE that automates this process for him?

I believe there's an expression for frame offset.

I'm really interested in how this is done. Such as how he photographs it and then the processing he does to get the final image.



Super cool - thanks for sharing, Kenn!

I wrote a little Desktop app that makes this much easier:

Here is a free photoshop script that can help you with the process of time slicing