Make Quick Selections for Basic Compositing on Your iPad Using Photoshop Mix

Though there are other programs out there that say they can quickly cutout objects from the background via masks and leave you with a clean end result, I've tried a few of those programs and they just don't seem to cut it. The process to create these masks also seem very awkward. Now you can quickly create (pretty darn good) masks on your iPad using Photoshop Mix, a mobile offering from Adobe we told you about earlier this year.

Mobile photography is only getting bigger by the day and there are tons of great apps exist that let you take your creativity to a new level. But the downfall comes when editing your photos. Sure there are ways to make every image look like an Instagram photo, but that's all these apps really have to offer. 

I have seen a couple apps that offer spot removal options, and do a pretty decent job, but Photoshop Mix is proving that a lot of what is available on the desktop is starting to come to the handheld mobile device.

[via PhotographyBay]

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Steve Walter's picture

2 things: 1) The over the shoulder shot is out of focus. It's focused on the computer screen and not the iPad screen. Seems silly that Adobe would release this, even if it was quickly. I would expect more from them. 2) Why would I want to add an extra step into my workflow? If I have to eventually do the "real" work on my computer, why juggle between the two? I get that it's early stages and that is cool. This just isn't that interesting right now.

Abel Wilson's picture

I think I can understand what Adobe was trying to do with this. It's a feature that can appeal to both professionals and consumers.
There are tons of people out there who want to make horrible composites. TONS.
And the selection feature is actually really powerful if you look at it that way. It did a fairly good job of selecting the subjects with very little effort.
So your average person would love to take a picture of themselves and composite it next to Justin Beiber. Of course, they previously never had the skill to before.
Photoshop Mix is like that gateway drug.

As for professionals. I can see them doing simple composites where taking a computer out would be too cumbersome.
They could use this app as a proof of concept, while travelling by the metro or sitting somewhere in a cafe. Then they can go home and actually work on it. It's just a tool to help them.