Only Hours Left To Enter Fstoppers Biggest Photography Contest Ever

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas is happening May 28th - June 1st at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and we want to give one of our readers the trip of a lifetime for FREE! We are actually doing 2 separate contests and they both end today, Friday May 28th at midnight eastern time.  If you are looking to expand your own photo skills, connect with other photographers in your field, explore a different genre of photography, or simply take a vacation you can write off, this is going to be the event to attend. How do you win this trip for free? Details are below:

Contest 1: All expense paid trip to the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. On February 1st, 2014, one lucky Fstoppers fan will win a flight voucher worth up to $500 to travel to the workshop in the Bahamas. They will also win accommodations for 5 nights at the Atlantis Resort and access to any of the courses offered throughout the event. A passport is required to enter the Bahamas so make sure your documents are current and up to date.

How to enter (each option below will count as a separate entry): All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below explaining why you want to win this contest. Vulgar or trolling entries will be disqualified/deleted so keep it nice

Twitter: Simply follow @fstoppers and retweet the following message between now and Jan 31st: "Follow @Fstoppers and retweet this message to win a free trip to the Bahamas for the Fstoppers Photo Workshop"

Youtube: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and leave a comment on this contest video here.

Facebook: Like our Fstoppers Page and leave a comment on this contest post to qualify. BONUS: Share the Facebook contest post on your own wall and earn a second entry.

On February 1st we will randomly choose 1 name from each of the areas mentioned above and randomly draw one as the grand prize winner.

Contest 2: Full Refund on All Paid Classes

This second contest is open only to those who have signed up and paid for a class at the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop. To inspire you guys to sign up early, rather than waiting until the last minute, on February 1st we will pick one lucky attendee and reimburse their entire photography workshop class package. The full refund amount will depend on the number of classes bought prior to the announcement of the winner. Since this year's workshop is limited to about 200 students, your chances of being chosen are much greater than the above contest open to the general public.

Additional Rules and Terms:
All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM eastern time on January 31st for consideration. Prizes are contingent on winner attending the workshop and are worth no actual monetary value. Winning trip and classes cannot be transferred or given to anyone other than the winner. Passport is required.

To learn more about the first ever Fstoppers workshop head over to or watch the video below.

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Austin Madrid's picture

I want to win simply because Fstoppers is awesome.

Travis Lewis's picture

I really want to learn from Mike Kelley!

Arjun Kartha's picture

Wow! As a photographer from india, I'd love to meet similar folks from across the world and help promote how photography as an art form has developed here. In addition, meeting fellow photographers - and spend days (and nights) talking about gear, styles and experiences - with people who truly 'get' what you're saying sounds like an awesome opportunity! Cheers all!

Bill Tetrault's picture

I have been posing as an amateur photographer for the past couple years. I am waiting for the right opportunity to make photography a profession. I have been trying to offer my services to local photographers as second shooter or photo editor as a way to mentor with a professional and had little success. I have taken online photography courses, but this would be the ultimate opportunity to take my passion to the next level.

Offer Hakimi's picture

I served in the army for many years and didn't have a good vaction.

Aaron Anderson's picture

I would love to take my fam on a vacation and learn from the best...just had a new kiddo and Fstoppers is one of the reasons I started my journey in photography!

Ali Al-Shammasi's picture

I want this.

Lisa Howard's picture

Having the opportunity to learn from experts like this would be amazing, and since I'm just getting involved in underwater photography, the Bahamas would be the perfect setting. A perfect working vacation!

John Pongco's picture

This is amazing! As a young photographer, I have a lot to learn! Is there any better way to learn from the top photographers. I also wish to have more exposure in the photography community and meeting other photographers and photographing the bahamas is a great way!

Misael Reyes's picture

This would be an amazing opportunity. I would love to win this dream workshop trip and expand my abilities as a photographer.

Jeffrey Burgos's picture

An opportunity like this would be absolutely amazing! As someone who wants to start putting themselves out there more as a photographer, to be able to hone in and advance my skill set through these workshops would be absolutely incredible! And it would be a great graduation gift from fstoppers too! ;)

Louis van Zyl's picture

Fstoppers rock! This would be a live changing experience for me. I am dedicated focused and eager to make to most of an experience like this.

dana shih's picture

I am a beginner and I have been learning everything on my own. This will be an amazing experience to see all the top photographers that I have been following. Only if my town has workshops of this scale. Bahamas makes it even more amazing. This is the epiphany of play hard, work harder.

Diahann M's picture

Great contest opportunity. I'm a beginner but am eager to get a chance to meet some great instructors and learn everything I can from them if I'm lucky enough to win. Thank you for doing this.

S D's picture

This would be an amazing trip and opportunity, especially to learn from some great photographers. The Bahamas would be a great place to develop those skills.

Dealatron General's picture

I am just re-entering the world of photography after taking decades off. I am hungry to learn and even hungrier for some Bahamian conch chowder.

Tyson Junkers's picture

I would absolutely love to win this trip. I have always had a passion for photography and try to read/watch as many tutorials as possible. This trip would not only answer every question I have about photography, but would actually be the starting point in my life where I try to go from photography hobbyist to full-time professional. It has always been my dream to be a full time photographer!

Andrew Olmedo's picture

For the past 4 years, after high school, I have wasted a lot of time of trying to see on what I want to do with my life. I have always loved photography and I have recently bought my first dslr camera. Now I have been working full time so I can invest in myself to become a photographer and I am trying to buy myself new equipment so I can begin my career as a photographer. So if given an opportunity I will take full advantage of the resources so I can expedite my process into becoming a full time professional photographer.

Fabio Vanni's picture

Hi guys. It would be a dream to get the possibility to travel overseas
and touch and breath an experience of images and emotions, up to a pro level. I will wait and hope.

Bryn Price's picture

Awesome. Great location and great opportunity. crossing my fingers.... and toes...

Christopher Calubaquib's picture


Carmen's picture

Wow! I can't even begin to think how amazing this would be & the endless opportunity for me & my business. Crossing my fingers ;)

Rocky Montez-Carr's picture

Would love to win this trip. Even if it wasn't in the Bahamas I would want to go. Some of the best photographers and instructors on the planet are going to be there. :)

KSG's picture

Calgon take me away!

James Hills's picture


Diptanshu Chakravarty's picture

Right now I am at the crossroad of my life where I have to choose between my passion vs the safe and tested path. Winning this opportunity would not only make my passion and dream come true but also enable me to impart what I learn from these workshop to other aspiring students of my own community. Here's to hoping that I win this and make the photography community here in my country proud. :)

Angel Jose Osorio's picture

God if it's your will let me go to learn! Lol if I win it will only push me forward in my confidence and knowledge about photography. I have a huge passion for this. I'm the main photographer at the church I go to and if I were to get this opportunity to go and learn from the best and my favorite photographers especially Pye Jirsa, Ftoppers and Aaron Nace!!!!! My whole life would be completely impacted to the fullest. If I don't win this I hope the person that does would genuinely appetite this opportunity. Good luck! And let the games begin lol.

Matthias Blake's picture

I would love to win this. I'm starting my own photography business and this would be a perfect start. Thx guys

Niklas Möller's picture

I really like shooting on location in the free nature but a place like the bahamas!? I never were in a place like that and think it would be great to have the opportunity to shoot there. And having a photography workshop by fstopper there at the same time... that would be the greatest ever! :)

Khaled Akrir's picture

Hi guys . To win this one of my dreams but my dream comes true it's that I watch all you workshop on YouTube. Good luck for everybody

Tanya Smith's picture

Oh, man, what a great trip this would be. Would love to connect with fellow photogs and learn some new techniques in a beachy paradise.

Damian Malloth's picture

Best workshops ever! Hope you guys will carry on doing these amazing things! Let me go!!

Cosmin Liviu's picture

Amazing gift for my birthday on 1st of February.I hope I win it but good luck to the other people joining the contest too.


WOW !, It's really a great giveaway.

I really wanted to go to the Fstoppers workshops, but since I don't live in the US It's way too
expensive, It can be a great birthday present for me….

George Galcsik's picture

WOW, what a wonderful opportunity!
I really would like to go to the Fstoppers workshops.
Good luck everyone!

Jay Shah's picture

10 photographers! 9 genre of photography! F/8 Always! 7 hours since I saw the contest! 6 countries to cross over from India! 5 days of the sun! 4 way to win! 3 things to figure out! 2 advertising videos to get me hooked! 1 amazing website!!
Please let me win! Cheers! :D

gabriele malagoli's picture

All i would really love to have in this 2014 is to attend these workshops! it would be the dream of a lifetime...

José Miguel Stelluti's picture

Hey! need to go to these workshops, because surely this will be an event to mark the story in the picture, beginning to change my story. Here attend the best photographers in the world, and only of them, you can learn right!

I hope luck is on my side, as this will help improve my photography, and give something better to my country, Venezuela, much needed. Thanks!!!

Greetings Lee, Patrick, and the whole team! (how was that coffee and Venezuelan chocolate?)

Deuce Bradshaw's picture

Man. I would love to meet and personally thank all the photographers out there who put out great learning content for us. Also, it'd be great to nerd-out with a bunch of other photographers.

Deleted Account's picture

That's, what I call a life-time-opportunity!
There are so many things to learn, so much creativity to explore, and rarely time enough time to achieve this. I hope, I'll win, but I wish everyone good luck! :)

Faisal Al Fouzan's picture

simply because i want to travel!! :p

Topper Harley's picture

I can't find a single reason why anyone wouldn't win this contest

Ryan Sands's picture

Get a much needed break from the wedding season and learn from some of the most respected names in our field, all in some of the most beautiful, picturesque spots in the bahamas?! YES PLEASE!

Aymeric Freymond's picture

I want to see phlearn !!!

Vaishagh Sabu's picture

This workshop could literally change my life. Photography was a love at first sight for me and I still need to learn a lot about it. I really desperately need to win this!! :)

David Lopez's picture

All ur base belong to me me me!

Eric Reichbaum's picture

I love the Bahamas, and I love photography. This is a match made in heaven.

Sean McVeigh's picture

This would be a great opportunity for me to learn from the best and have a little fun!

Koen Hausmans's picture

Nice contest! Would be a great opportunity to further develop my photograhy skills :)

Jared Bell's picture

Couldn't think of a better way to learn how to be a photographer than to learn from the best.

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