Only Hours Left To Enter Fstoppers Biggest Photography Contest Ever

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas is happening May 28th - June 1st at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and we want to give one of our readers the trip of a lifetime for FREE! We are actually doing 2 separate contests and they both end today, Friday May 28th at midnight eastern time.  If you are looking to expand your own photo skills, connect with other photographers in your field, explore a different genre of photography, or simply take a vacation you can write off, this is going to be the event to attend. How do you win this trip for free? Details are below:

Contest 1: All expense paid trip to the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. On February 1st, 2014, one lucky Fstoppers fan will win a flight voucher worth up to $500 to travel to the workshop in the Bahamas. They will also win accommodations for 5 nights at the Atlantis Resort and access to any of the courses offered throughout the event. A passport is required to enter the Bahamas so make sure your documents are current and up to date.

How to enter (each option below will count as a separate entry): All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below explaining why you want to win this contest. Vulgar or trolling entries will be disqualified/deleted so keep it nice

Twitter: Simply follow @fstoppers and retweet the following message between now and Jan 31st: "Follow @Fstoppers and retweet this message to win a free trip to the Bahamas for the Fstoppers Photo Workshop"

Youtube: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and leave a comment on this contest video here.

Facebook: Like our Fstoppers Page and leave a comment on this contest post to qualify. BONUS: Share the Facebook contest post on your own wall and earn a second entry.

On February 1st we will randomly choose 1 name from each of the areas mentioned above and randomly draw one as the grand prize winner.

Contest 2: Full Refund on All Paid Classes

This second contest is open only to those who have signed up and paid for a class at the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop. To inspire you guys to sign up early, rather than waiting until the last minute, on February 1st we will pick one lucky attendee and reimburse their entire photography workshop class package. The full refund amount will depend on the number of classes bought prior to the announcement of the winner. Since this year's workshop is limited to about 200 students, your chances of being chosen are much greater than the above contest open to the general public.

Additional Rules and Terms:
All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM eastern time on January 31st for consideration. Prizes are contingent on winner attending the workshop and are worth no actual monetary value. Winning trip and classes cannot be transferred or given to anyone other than the winner. Passport is required.

To learn more about the first ever Fstoppers workshop head over to or watch the video below.

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This would be a life changing experience. I just started my photography business and would
love the ability to sit in with those who have already made it professionally in this field. This trip would be an invaluable opportunity for me and my business. Please pick me!!

Felipe Buccianti's picture

What better setting to learn from the best? I'd absolutely love to go!

Keith Hammond's picture

i would love a free holiday in the Bahamas, i need to top up my tan, there will be time for tanning won't there, it's not all workshop workshop workshop is it ? what i really meant to say was, i would learn so much by attending the Fstoppers workshops, you guys rock

Sounds like a great learning opportunity! Please count me in.

this sounds amazing! i've never been able to go to a photography workshop like this before, and while i've taken a few classes i'm almost entirely self-taught. i've landed some awesome photography jobs so far but would really like to take my work and business to the next level. thanks for a great opportunity, and good luck everyone!

Im a keen amateur photographer from a tiny town in Ireland where not much camera gives me a feeling of escapism and wonder to the fulfills me and gives me a sense of purpose

You guys are SO cool! I have a wedding may 18th and June 7th. When I heard the dates I FREAKED out. This would be amazing, I've looked up to you guys for so long. And Feburary 1st is 5 days before my birthday.

Shariq Siddiqui's picture

It's that time of year where I need a kick up the backside to get to the next level. This sounds ideal! And oh, it's the Bahamas!

Quentin Brown's picture

I'd love to win this trip to allow for me to go and learn from some of the best.

After working hard over the past two years trying to gain experience in photography, emailing hundreds of photographers all around the country, teaching my self what I know about photography and being unsuccessful all the while I believe one opportunity to learn from the best is all I need to prove to myself, and the family that doubts me I can do anything I put my mind to.

Love this contest! I'd love to win, I have so much to learn and the Bahamas would be an amazing place to test out some of those new skills! Good luck everyone!

John Ciciora's picture

I've been working my butt off trying to build a successful photography business. It hasn't been easy, but 2014 looks promising. To have the opportunity to learn from some of the best would be incredible.

I would love to win this! I've been looking at the budget ever since I saw the post for this workshop to see if it's feasible this year. This would definitely make it easier to go. I am really wanting to come do the wedding workshop!!

It would be amazing to go and take all those classes!

I would love to win this as I am a photographer. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn from the best!

Would LOOOOOVE to win this contest. Bahamas would be an amazing change to the sub-zero temperatures here in Norway and also it'll start my 2014 perfectly to learn new skills from the pros themselves!!!

what a great opportunity for any photographer, to gain this experience from seasoned pros in the industry. this could take my photography to the next level and maybe make it possible for me to go to full time photographer.

Great contest! I am curious if people from outside the US have also a chance to win. It seems that there is only one way to find out..... ;-)

I would love to attend.

I have been doing photography for just over 4 months and I shot my first wedding last week! I am very proud of where my ability has come to within such a short time. I will never be satisfied as I feel this is the only way to keep getting better. This workshop would be the perfect way for me to fuel my photography and it will certainly open new doors for me.

As a semi-pro in transition.....It would be amazing to see the work flow from some of the photogs i look up to. This would allow me to get an understanding of what inspires them, learn, and figure out what works for me

"A wish is a dream the heart makes" I truly wish I could be so lucky.

All of my Camera's are packed and I'm ready to go. You say where are my clothing bag. Not necessary I have my swim trunks LOL.

Andrew Yianne's picture

I am an avid 15 year-old photographer based in Charleston, West Virginia. I dabble around in almost every area of photography ranging from studio work to landscapes. I am actually published in a few magazines (Shutterbug and Spotlight West Virginia) and I work for the Charleston Gazette. This would be an amazing trip for me for a few different reasons. I always accept any knowledge from any photographer that offers it to me, no matter what area of photography. After first hearing about the workshop a few months ago, I knew I would not be able to attend because of the cost. My mother is a single, hardworking parent with two children and could not possibly afford the trip plus workshop fees, or even be able to schedule time off from work for the trip. I have attended a few workshops before, but non comparable to this caliber. I love all content Fstoppers offers and this would be an amazing trip to win. If you're interested in my work, my website can be found at Thanks for the consideration.

I'm on a constant quest for knowledge on everything photography, so why not learn from the most elite there is? This trip would be a blessing for my 23rd birthday as well! lol

I'm a freelance photographer......Someone please give me a holiday!

It's cold in Montréal and would love to shoot other scenery besides snow and mountains!

I'd love to go to the Bahamas for the workshop. I'm one of those photogs in that nebulous, in-between place: I've been a pro for a while, but I'm sort of the local pro who wants to expand his skills, scope, creativity, and connections.

I am and have been a freelance writer as well, and I've been in this nebulous place before. The kiss of death is isolation: artists often tend to be solitary people, and that's the best way to get stuck in ruts that can kill creativity and drive. I want to be among a community of photographers who can push my boundaries, who can drop me into a place that makes me uncomfortable and encourage me to come away from it with images that will wow, and an experience that will never leave me.

Also, I like drinking beer on the beach.

I wanna come!!!

Stina Oliver's picture

I started down the path of photography after finding myself in the position of a single mother, after spending 6 years as a homemaker. As a veteran, I sought the help of vocational rehab services through the VA in order to find work, but because of my physical limitations they would not put me into a 'real vocation'. I told them I had always dreamed of becoming a photographer. To them, this seemed as something "fun that I could pursue, but not too difficult on my body." Well, they got it half right. ;) It has been so much fun, and hard on the body. They paid for me to take some junior college courses and paid for my camera to get me started. I've been very fortunate in that regard. However, I feel I am ready to take things to the next level. My education is not complete, and very well never will be. In terms of affordability, a trip such as this is well beyond my reach for many years. (At least until my daughters have grown). It would mean so much to me, and offer me an opportunity to expand my skills in order to make me a more successful photographer.

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