15 Photos Showing The Largest Political Event In History

15 Photos Showing The Largest Political Event In History

Only 2 years passed since the 2011 Egyptian revolution where president Mubarak was replaced by president Morsi, and this week the people of Egypt decided to make another change and oust the elected president in what is now known as the largest political event in history of mankind. Over 14 million people flooded the streets of Egypt this week to protest against President Morsi, and Tahrir Square came to life once again. Check out these great images showing some of the scenes from the second revolution in Egypt.

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Army choppers circling Tahrir square carrying big flags
Photo: Ester Meerman.

Tahrir Square Party
Photo: Sebastian Backhaus.

Photo: Mundo33.

one world
Photo: Ginnie IREX.

Photo: Yann Renoult.

protesters wave and cheer for a military helicopter as it flies above them
Photo: Haleem Elsha'rani.

June 30th, 2013 protest L-95
Photo: Mohamed Boraie.

Photo: moon light18.

Cairo, Egypt
Photo: George Henton.

Photo: Louis Liu.

03. Al-Moqattam Clashes - March 2013
Photo: Jonathan Rashad

Photo: Louis Liu.

Photo: Louis Liu.

Tahrir Square Cairo Jul3-2013
Photo: farkous.

a resident of Tahrir square hangs the Egyptian flag as he watches the protests
Photo: Haleem Elsha'rani.

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amazing shots!

Spy Black's picture

Just think, if people in America tried to oust the government, they'd be shot dead by riot police, national guard, and arm forces.

Americans would never stand up to their gov. like this. Too comfy at home blaming everthing on the other party...

Guess what, people were shot dead in Egypt today.

It's really easy to look at the circumstances and say how much more progressive they are for standing up like this, but the situation is much more cut-and-dry in Egypt than the US.

Occupy as a movement had the most broad-reaching and relatable terms for most Americans, and even then, many people didn't want redistribution of wealth. Heck, most people at Occupy had much more money than the other 99% that they supposedly represented, but you didn't see them doling out their own savings to the homeless.

So what, you hope that the Americans rise up to oust in your eyes their own terrible government? Americans can't agree what they'd rather have to replace this "terrible" government. Egypt, they don't have such nuanced issues. They just want democracy without Islamist influence.

The analogy was over well before you finished the word "America."

Spy Black's picture

I guess you love Corporate Imperialism...

Ahmed Gadou's picture

proud to be egyptian :)

There are approximately 9 million people in Cairo. I have not seen a solid number from any reliable source other than that there were "millions". Maybe the number reached a few million if you count Alexandria and Port Said, but 14 million in Cairo would mean that every single person took to the streets, plus importing millions, which I could tell you from experience the city could not support. That 9 million is spread around over 450 square kilometers. I would revise that number.

Ahmed Gadou's picture

i think this numbers is the total number of protesters in Cairo .
because i read an Arabic report declares a statistic that says that google earth has recorded a total number of protesters across Egypt and it was about 32.8 million people out of approximately 90,000,000 people in Egypt. i wish that number to be real :D .

Noam Galai's picture

From Wiki: "Overall, the number of protesters is said to have reached as many as 14 million making it the largest in Egypt's history and possibly the largest political event in world history according to many sources".

Quoting Wikipedia isn't a source. As you said, they have "many sources" but I'm not finding them.

I still feel the number is very high. At a few million it still could be possibly the largest political event in history. 32.8 million would be outrageous.

Noam Galai's picture

I actually heard it on the news few times this week. American media, and international. If it's true or not - hard for me to judge. Even 1 million is impressive to me :)

The number 14-15 millions are the sum of the collected names that the movement Tamarod, Arabic for Rebelprotest, got in protest against Mursi. They compared their number to the fact that more than 13 million Egyptians voted for Mursi in the presidential election. This was a few days before the military action.
Source: Swedish state television and some newspapers like this one: http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/egyptier-laddar-for-protest-mot-mursi_... Use Google Translator to double check :)

It's possible the 14 million could be a number used to describe the total amount of a period of x amount of days and not a total number at once.

Jay, that would make MUCH more sense.

lutfi ariffin's picture

I'm stucked here =(

If only we could do this in the USA...

Who would take care for peapot then?

We don't need a governing body to control and "protect" us. In a free market economy, we the people can come up with a better, faster solution of protection based on demand through capitalism. There already are private militaries that our own government turns to when their own can't finish the job.

The people did not oust the president; the army did.