How to Create a Cold and Cinematic Portrait Using Only Lightroom

Giving your portraits a cold, dramatic finish is a neat way to give them an alternate look that makes them stand out a bit. This helpful tutorial will show you how to take a standard portrait and transform it, and it does it using only Lightroom.

Coming to you from Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid, this video walks you through a full portrait edit to achieve an especially cold and more dramatic look to the final image. While Photoshop is obviously the more powerful option, especially for retouching human subjects, I always find it weirdly satisfying if I can finish a photo in Lightroom, and it's a fun challenge to see just how far I can push the program (I personally think it's more capable than most people give it credit for). Even if you're not a fan of the cinematic, bluish look this tutorial goes for, I think it's worth following the process: you'll learn a lot about making more complete edits in Lightroom, and with a little tweaking (mostly to the colors in this case), you can give the final result most any look you please. So, fire up Lightroom, grab a portrait, and give it a go!

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