How to Edit Your Pictures Like Instagrammer Sam Kolder Using Lightroom

We have all been guilty of watching someone’s Instagram account and wonder how the hell the pictures are edited. Sebastian from TechGenie has recently been creating videos to demonstrate how to mimic some famous Instagramers editing style. The latest one on the list is named Sam Kolder and his desatured teal and orange look.

Sebastian shows the process editing to match Kolder’s and other Instagrammers' style using Lightroom only. No need for Photoshop or any other photo editing software. The goal is mostly to showcase how to achieve certain color grading more than learning how to copy someone else’s work.

Don’t think for a second the YouTuber behind TechGenie knows for a fact each and every adjustment Kolder makes to his pictures, he only guesses the settings. As you’ll see in the video, it’s actually an excellent exercise for people who have trouble with color correction and grading as it will force you to match your image to another’s color toning.

One last thing before you close Lightroom once you are done following the tutorial above, don’t forget to create a new preset with the result you just obtained. This way, next time you want to get this style, it’ll be at your finger tips.

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#blueandorange :)

Sander van der Veen's picture

Never heard of Sam Kolder, but his image toning looks like everyone else's..

Eric Robinson's picture

I’m sure it’s a good video, I like your voice and presentation.....but...the music was a killer. Music is fine to help push the video along but it has to be the right kind of music to compliment the tone of the video. I found the music used too discordant. As the photograph chosen was a very mellow image why don’t you drop in something easy and mellow?

Thanks. Can never get enough of these type of video and learn from others. Thx,