Quickly Navigate Through Photoshop Layers Using the Layer Search Function

If you do a lot of layers-intensive work in Photoshop, you know that sometimes, navigating using just that little panel on the right can get a bit cumbersome. However, Photoshop has a built-in feature to help you search and filter layers, and this helpful tutorial shows you just how to use it.

Coming to you from PiXimperfect, this video will walk you through the layer search function in Photoshop. As you work on increasingly complex files, you'll probably notice that the layers panel starts to look like an infinitely scrolling list. The first two steps to organizing it are naming your layers, then grouping them. Once you've done this, if you want to still hone in on a specific layer, head over to the search function. The beauty of it is that you can not only search by name, but filter by a ton of attributes ranging from the type of layer to the blending mode employed by it. It's a great way to quickly move about larger or more intricate projects. 

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Motti Bembaron's picture

This guy has some excellent PS tutorials. They are very well explained and practical for all photographers.