Skip Lightroom CC and Sync Catalogs With LR Classic

Let's be honest, managing our image files is arguably the least rewarding part of a photographer's job. There's very little satisfaction that comes with a well-organized catalog, and even less satisfaction when we can't find the files we need on a particular device. In the mobile age, having access to all your images and catalogs at any time on any device is critical. And, when you get a new computer, laptop, tablet or other device, getting access to your files can sometimes prove challenging, as I wrote about last week when I purchased a new MacBook Pro from B&H

Dan Watson aims to streamline your approach to syncing your images and catalogs across all your devices with this tutorial, demonstrating how gain access to any or all of your files in Lightroom Classic. Following the tutorial, you'll be able to edit raw files on your phone and see those edits come across on your laptop. 

As Dan points out, Lightroom users have had the ability to do this for awhile now, but with Adobe's recent restructuring of its Creative Cloud offerings and the addition of Lightroom CC, some photographers might mistakenly think they must use the mobile-focused app if they want to be able to sync and edit their files on all of their devices. Turns out the solution is rather simple. 

Dan's tutorial is one way to streamline your workflow and gain access to all your files. How are you doing it? Leave a comment below to tell us how you manage your catalogs across your various devices. 

You can see more of Dan Watson here

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Has anyone else noticed that photos edited it LR Classic using process version 4 and then synced to a collection do not open in, and cause Lightroom CC (mobile) to crash? If you go back to Classic and change to PV 3 the photo will resync and then opens properly in CC. I'm using windows for Classic and an Android install of CC.

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I'm on a Mac and haven't used CC enough to notice that problem, but I have noticed Lightroom Classic freezing up on me an awful lot. I'm installing an OS update tonight, so I'm hoping that will eliminate the problem. Keep us posted if you figure out what's going on.

Adding a photo to a synced collection or folder or whatever they are calling it now makes it easy to post to instagram from CC

I use both Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC:
All my images are on my big powerhorse PC I sync newly imported files with LR Classic so I got all those files on my Laptop where I use the new LR CC to go through those files, rate them and make first adjustments on the go. Back home I edit my favorites on my PC (big color calibrated monitor) to get the best results. :)