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1.36 - "Snap Shot" 

Peyto Lake, Canadian Rockies. Have tried to preserve all of the natural beauty rather than losing some of it by cropping.

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try shooting in portrait for your next pano.

Thank you, Jason. Excellent suggestion! Will use it next time.

You could have cropped a little, specially at the top and sides, and then filled in the black areas by cloning; would have been barely noticeable. Nice shot otherwise!

Instead of cloning or changing the crop, if Sanjai shot 3 rows of images, one above and one below and then combined all of those images, there wouldn't be any black and we might even be able to see more of the landscape. When it comes to panos, more is always better, and then you can crop down in post to the desired result.

Of course. Be he probably can't go back and take the missing shots now. I was giving some advice about what he can do with what he has. For the next pano, your advice definitely stands.

Thank you, Armando, for your suggestions.
Glad you like it.

Thank you, Marcus. Indeed, more is better for pano.