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3.07 - "Solid" 

Night to day time blending Dinant, Belgium

My first attempt to use the time blending technique.
As a landscape photographer with a muscle disease (Bethlem myopathy) i can't travel long distances or go to remote locations. But i have the time to stay for hours on the same spot, which is ideal for time blending.

This panorama contains 7 vertical shots, the time differance between the stars on the left side and the sun on the right side is about 3 hours. Every shot was taken manual on my tripod, but since then i bought an automatic panorama rotator which makes things a lot easier.

The final picture is a creative time blend, i used one panorama photo at night for the city colors and lights, 2 different pano photos to time blend the water, 2 different pano photos for the trees and 3 different pano photos for the sky.

This project was the last of my first year as a (landscape) photographer. I've learned everything with the Elia Locardi tutorial on Fstoppers and the website of famous Belgian landscape photographer Bart Heirweg.

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I love story-telling photos, and here you do it in a very pleasant way. The image is edited with an excellent eye for photo art. Would be able to continue to write down adjectives for your image indefinitely. Of course, five stars!

Thanks Carl!