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1.3 - "Snap Shot" 

This image was taken with my Fuji X20 at 28mm eqv.

3 horizontal images stitched by AutoPanoGiga software in this vertical pano with 20mm eqv. FoV.

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This again... no pano shot. Read terms of the contest!

You missed again.
Of course I read the terms, and do you?
"Panoramic images are typically created by taking a series of photos side by side and stitching them together with software. However, for this Critique the Community, you can also submit any photograph that has been stitched together. That means any photograph made up of at least 3 separate images that gives the viewer a larger view than any one of the single frames that makes up the pano"
This particular image was composed of 3 images in a row. So why do you think it isn't a pano?

I think it is because it is unclear why you would use three images to create this one? I am curious about your process and why you would go about getting this shot through stitching rather than just taking the shot? No insult intended.

In this case instead of 'real camera' I used my light compact camera Fuji X20, because I (vainly) worried about water splash etc. So I was limited by focal range of built-in lens wich was 28-112mm in 35 mm eqvivalent. At the same time the sailboat was really tiny, and shooting distance was at most 3-4 feet. So I desided to make a vertical pano by shooting 3 horizontal image at 28 mm with AF- and AE-locked. Then i just put them in AutoPanoGiga software and got an image with appx. 20mm field of view instead of 28mm.But because of inevitably heavy parallax with such small shooting distance and handheld shooting there was some minor artifacts here and there, that I manually removed later in PS.
In other words it was the only way to get this wide image with avilable equipment and in these conditions. As a bonus I've got a higher resolution/detailing wich can be crucial with such old and inexpensive camera. This technique can also be very useful in smartphone shooting as they mostly have an somewhat 28mm cameras too.

Thank you for this thurough and thoughtful reply!!

Thank you, know it makes sense. Why didn't you write it in the description? It's a very important piece of information. I reconsidered my voting.

I thought that everybody should confide each other by default. If someone (me for example) submit an image as panoramic it should be rated as panoramic no matter how it doesn't look like a pano. I have many other panoramic photos, many of them much better then this one. But since I was limited to 2 I decided to show how you can make a pano unusual way firstly, by using pano techniques in porttrait and photojournalistic (in this case) shooting.