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1.64 - "Needs Work" 

2x3, 6 images total pаno, 85mm@f/1.4

Some people just do not understand what the multi-row pano images is. They improperly judge only by aspect ratio and thought that only very wide images can be a pano. But this image proofs otherwise. I intetionally shot wide open an then stitch 6 images to create slightly wider angle of view, but conserve very thin DoF that longer faster lenses known for. It has square A/R. And yet it's still a pano image, by definition mentioned in terms of this contest.

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nope that isn't a pano...

Yes it is. It is composed of 6 images, 2 rows, 3 in a row

Stitching is not equal Stacking/Composing.... and to be honest, there is no need with 85mm to shoot this girl in 2 horizontal or vertical images and stitch them together.

there is no stacking, I assure you. By composing i meant stitching side-by-side.
and it is not 2 images it is 6 of them, i put my answer to wrong comment earlier.
it is too hard for me explain why do I need muti-row stitchig for this shot to a person who judge only by aspect ratio.

By using a longer focal length to make a pano like this you can essentially create an image equivalent to a wider focal length but with lower depth of field like seen in this example.
Nice way of using a pano technique creatively.

Thank you very much.
And yet it is a 'snap shot' according to this rating system, that means 'no thoughts'.
This is what you get when you try to think out of the box, while others - don't.

According to the explanation of Anton Galitch I reconsidered my voting. But it seems I'm not the only one who voted that way, because of the missing information.

As far as I can see, presence of the information that you mention about makes no difference because it seems that nobody really cares. I think so because since I added this info people still rate it as almost a snap shot, despite of lighting, color grading, et cetera. My personal opinion - obviously this image isn't excellent in any way but deserves at least somewhat 2,5 or even better

Too many troll voters, during contests. It seems to be a problem at all...

Thank you for the explanation. Now it makes sense.

I think the problem is that many people are not familiar with this technique. Which is a bit strange to me - I am not a portrait photographer but follow new techniques across all genres. I have seen many examples of this type of stitching done by various top notch wedding photographers. However, what I noticed with their work, is that they usually do it to showcase more of the surrounding and to accentuate bokeh on all sides of their subjects.