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3452 × 1386 resolution:

This was a crazy one. My initial idea was to get super close to the bridge, and while setting up, the tide rose really fast and I got trapped on the wall of rocks. After climbing and running away for my life, I climbed a BIG rock far away, forgot my tripod head, and I ended up using a few stones to position the camera. I also forgot my remote so... it was a fun photo.

A few minutes after I started to take the photos, this little fellow (bird on left rock) sat there to watch the sunrise with me.

This is one of the first landscape photos that I did by myself, and it was an amazing experience!

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There's a tiny bird on the left rock! xD Love it!

He was awesome! Stayed with me through all this adventure! It really felt like we where hanging out to watch the sunrise. 🤗

Awesome image and story.
I love Baker beach. I went there to shoot once and this nude hippie guy kept walking into my shot.... I'd rather have the bird.

I heard that may happen 🤣🤣🤣