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2.62 - "Solid" 

Shot from the Jose Rizal bridge overlooking Seattle on Sept. 24th 2019, three shots stitched in Lightroom

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Is this a single picture or a stitch? If a composite, how did you manage to blend in the lights of the cars?

It is three shots stitched, lightroom was used to to the stitching it did a great job.... i shot all three shots for around 20 seconds, so i had light trails in all three that combined well.

I would take down the saturation. It's a little too rich for me.

To each his own, it does depend on what I want out of the picture. Bright rich and on the edge, colors seem to appeal to the masses, and sometimes it's just what I like for a particular shot. I lowered the yellow and oranges because they are quite intense from the traffic lamps.

Mark, I was there that same night, and to the eye; that is pretty much what how it was, no need to crank saturation at this place. Still amazed at the colors you pulled out Thane !

Thanks Marcus, it was an awesome night for clarity and color! I did a few more transitioning day to night in one shot, because I wanted to show it all. one is available on my profile here. Good to meet you, see you again out on the streets! Now I gotta get up to Snoqualmie Falls while I'm in the area to get a shot like yours!

I agree with Mark V.

As I said to each his own I capture for what I want to see.... and I'm confident enough now to know how good or bad it is :) I like your shot of the lake , very nice!