Jersey Beach Abstract

The beaches near the jetties in NJ have the white quartz sand common at Atlantic beaches along with the black sand of the black rock the jetties are made of as it breaks down. Sometimes the swirls of these colors create amazing abstracts.

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Honey bee at Whispering Oaks Winery, Oxford

Even though this image is chock full of detail, I'd like to think it's a simple portrait of a single honey bee attending to the vines of a local winery.

The truth is, photos of modern wineries are not as romantic as you might think. There are pipes and sprinkler heads and all kinds of other equipment adding to the distractions, things...

Barking up the right tree

I caught this image of the bark on this tree branch, testing out my new lens that I just bought, which just had gotten STOLEN!!!! Yeah that's right it just had gotten stolen any way when I went back to look at the images I took I really loved this one after a few tweaks to it. I'm trying new abstract pieces to put in my portfolio.


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A quick break. No time to set the frame. Yet, what one may get is the memory to preserve and share.


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walking on the trail, with self...and blessed with the journey still going on...

Le Pont-du-Gard

While Nôtre-Dame is burning, the old french parisian lady, the french legacy, the european heritage keep sharing some jowels. One of them twist older than Nôtre-Dame, this is the aquaduc so called Le Pont-du-Gard.
I considere this photography as minismalist because focused on the aqueduc. Just the aqueduc in its environment. That's the...


Just took my phone out for a few minutes while the kids played to practice looking for interesting stuff. I think some of these turned out kinda cool. Am I fooling myself?