Minimalism or sort of macro?

Evening everyone. I would like to share my vision of minimalism and abstract in photography.

First photo is the gratitude of room service staff. Sometimes they can be quite creative :)
35mm F1.8G ISO100

Second one is the speaker set from one of the annual automotive bass competition (Yorkshire Modified)
50mm F5 ISO800

Bleeding Hearts

One of my favorite flowers. And, as someone posted recently in one of the other groups, sometimes you don't have to go farther than the yard.

Feedback Welcome!

Carrying the Weight of the World

I drove by a pile of old pallets on the side of the road and really liked the way the light hit them. I am always curious about things. In this photo I am curious what has been carried on these pallets. Were did they come from. Where did the items carried go.

Pop a Top

This is a butcher block that has been in my wife's family since the late 1800s. I am working on different angles to capture the texture of the marks on the surface, but really like the simplicity of this shop. How many bottles has this opened?

Dark Silhoutte

This orange flower is so bright and saturated, it is almost too much. For this image I was hoping for an almost abstract feeling. The layers of petals form an interesting set of lines. .

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What is growing in my kitchen?

It's been raining for days and you know what that means .... kitchen session! Here are the best of the batch from my latest shoot.

If you are curious how they are down, the previous posts of these 'inks' in this group have the details.

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Red Brick

Shot on a recent trip with the strong horizontals catching my eye. Color or monochrome preferences?

Comments welcomed.

High Style - EDITED

I did this one last night and think it is one of my best inks. What do you think?


Here is a progression of these images. The first is the first ink drop. Water is clear, ink is sharp. I try and drop this one toward the back of the tank. Second image is second drop. The background is the dissipated first drop with a new drop...

As Minimal and Abstract as it Gets!

It is fishing season. That means me hanging out with my camera waiting .. and having time to be looking around. The sky was cloudy yesterday and the water still creating the perfect storm for refections.

Feedback welcome.

Dogwoods are in Bloom

and they are a favorite of mine. They are native here. You'll be walking through the woods and come upon a tree covered with delicate, upturned flowers that, from below, look almost like butterflies.


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Basking in the sun

This was taken on the first real day of Spring - warm and with an almost clear warm sky. When hiking I came across this couple on a bench. Waiting for a good angle the man threw his arms and head back to catch a bit of sun.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, whether good or bad. All are appreciated, all I ask for is sincerity....

Sanderlings on the wing, Cedar Key

This was totally a snapshot opportunity when I made it. I had just finished shooting a few landscapes near Cedar Key when these sanderlings took to the air. They were flying back and forth close enough for me to get most of the flock in this shot, but the shutter speed and aperture were still set for the tripod I had been using. Luckily, this...