It's Fluid Time....

... This is a little bit of a new look for me. I am wondering what you think? My profile has quite a few of my typical fluids to compare. Usually m fluid work is bright, colorful and cheery but I seem to be slowly getting darker! Maybe bo surprise since I love my moody dark shots too.

Feedback welcome!

Trying My Hands at ICM

I've always liked the idea of ICM, but wasn't sure I could ever use it in a way that I enjoy. I'm trying to go for less complete abstraction, but I think this could be a worthwhile experiment.

Looking for feedback or advice from those that have played with this style successfully.


Not something I usually do, there is no point of interest, no lead in line. It's just the colour in the clouds and reflection that caught my eye.

Lytham beach, UK.

Rainy day on the lake

Back to a bit of minimalism. This was taken during a light rainstorm. I was drawn by the way the weather helped minimize a distracting background and the mood created by the storm clouds hanging over the island.

Sincere feedback both welcomed and appreciated.

An ICM creating FIRE!

This isn't a straight shot ICM but it is a spin on it when I was trying to create something I saw online about using a double exposure plus ICM to create the look of smoke and singeing.

I stumbled across this skull and arrow while hiking. I wanted it to try making it look more 'burning-man-apocalyptic-y' so I set up for a double exposure...


About 20 frames blended together to decrease noise.
Pentax K-3 11, 100mm macro lens.
The beast moved a bit during the procedure so on some of the layers the eyes had to be masked out.

I do not know what type of chameleon this is . I have been told that it is a Dwarf Knysna Chameleon, but the colour and casque are not, to me,...


Thank you for the comment and suggestions on my other upload of this boat.
This is the landscape version I made. Still no negative space and truth be told the boat would work more to the left.

Dark Farmhouse Door

I had an opportunity to explore an 1860's era farm. In the old grainy this was the door to the upper level. It was lit by one old incandescent bulb hanging just inside. I am sure i will keep playing with these but I was really taken by this scene I happened across. CC is welcome.


I wanted to try and give the feeling of sadness and despair when an individual or groups of people are alienated by the general community. This one moss seed looks over a barrier of grass seeds and sees the community almost dancing with glee. The feeling of being cast out is almost palpable. Whew !!

Been Painting Again

This heat wave it a killer! So, I've been painting. For those new to the group, I do abstract painting partly with the goal of photographing the works. I love the luminous nature of the photographed works. And, you would think an artist/photographer would be able to tell if they like something or not but I'm on the fence about these!


Reflections of Rain

Window Reflection of Woman reflecting her thoughts during a rain shower .. from my experimental reflections album.
There are 3 images over a 40 year span ... see details below ...


A single Iron man standing proud on Crosby beach near Liverpool UK


First picture to be added to this group.
Plover scar Lighthouse in the UK.

Twisted Limb

Photo of a gnarly tree limb which had a sculptural look to it. I like the 'movement' and twisted texture of this sunbaked wood.