Shadows and Dust

I think this fits the minimalism theme. I don't know what this "tree" is doing out on the beach or if someone put it there but it I knew I wanted to find a way capture it. When trying to figure out my composition I couldn't help but notice the unique shadow that the tree was casting which is what I was trying to make the main subject of this...

A Ground Breaking Abstract

Another one from the waterside park. Strange land as you get near the water. It varies from dusty to slippery to crackly to quicksand-like. With the amount of dead fish in the water a few feet away, I'm guessing it may not be safe to be shooting there... I'll probably go back next weekend.

Painting with Light

Hello everyone,

I am not new to Fstoppers but I'm new to this group. I got this photo while experimenting with the panning technique. I assume everyone here knows what "panning" is but just in case, I was moving the camera from left to right while releasing the shutter. This technique can be used many different ways. It can take quite a...

Sky Wave

I decided to share this image in minimalism and would love hear your thoughts. This photo was inspired by photographer Jeroen Peters.

Fall from grace

A dandelion seed is so delicate and fine and most of the time they float through the air with a wafting lilt in a random direction. This one is dejected and rejected. Such is life.

Signs of Flood

Debris from flooding left on the hiking trail above a lake cove. The water is now 20 feet below this spot. CC Appreciated.


Just an old trail blaze on a nature trail near home. It's been there a while. CC Apreciated.

More Complex Flower Shot

I usually do single flower versions of these (like the last one of dogwood). However, the few more complex ones I've done have gotten high ratings so I thought I'd try some more. These are from today.

Also, this was my first day out with a 1960 Tokina/Vivitar 5.5 300mm prime lens. It is not an easy lens to get used to as it is totally...

Apocalypse rider

Is it abstract enough? Rainy night...light refractions through water droplets on my car window was giving some 'unnatural' scene at certain angle when everything was defocussed...waited for a rider and captured.

I Must Be Moody Again ...

I have quite a collection of these so I am hoping to get an idea of the ones that really impress. I'll be posting a few at a time. I took these yesterday and today so they are the newest.

I am thinking of a series and want to put that best forward for consideration.


"Underfoot" Day 5, #9 #10

#9, Entranceway, Penn Medicine, Radnor, PA
#10, Parking Lot, Wal-Mart, Jeffersonville, PA

Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery opens for the season on June 16, 2019. It is about a mile from the main entrance to the Chautauqua Institute, which is a big deal thereabouts. My late Uncle George and Aunt Helen had a house on the...