Tinton Falls

So many waterfalls across the groups lately! They had me thinking about our local Tinton Falls. So I went high tailing over today to take my shot. Funny, I thought I remembered it being taller. And in a prettier setting rather than behind a strip mall. Oh well! You work with what you've got! So, here is my local, short, isolated falls!


Red snake

Abstract of an ordinary image that needs explaining. Taken in our sunroom looking through very thick plastic to our back yard. The colours (which I have enhanced) come from a small red table inside the sunroom and greens from bushes and trees outside. When there is a breeze and the sun shines onto the plastic, it creates patterns in the plastic...

Abstract New York

I never get a super crisp skyline from my distance. I was playing around with this and thought an abstract would be fun. Not super original but fun anyway!

Feedback always welcome.

"Underfoot" Day 7, #13 #14

The last week has been very busy. I've been making the final prints for the "Underfoot" exhibition in Chautauqua, and it took a while. First, I ran out of ink, and then I changed paper several times. Along the way, I had to partially disassemble my Canon PIXMA Pro-10 to clean it because it was leaving streaks. Lotsa fun that, especially with no...

The ioner

Seen on the granitic mountain. A small tree surrounded by a lonely cumulus. This part of France is amongst which are the most uninhabited. I wanted this photography the more basic possible, refined.


I don't look for minimalist photo opportunities but while scrolling through my archives I stopped at this one. The desert always gives up the colors at sunset.

Ancient bridge, just a piece

Here is a section of the 2000 years old gallo-romanic aqueduct located in south of France. This aqueduct, almost 50 meters high, was built to bring water to the city of Nemausus (today Nîmes). The aqueduct is a World heritage site.


I was surprised that my photo got the attention of Ruth, thanks :) So I decided to share my photo here.

I am fairly new to Photography, so I am aiming to improve my skills as much as I can, and I am very much welcome to your critiques.

I saw a random wall while walking home, and as I noticed that the blocks used were not uniform (...

Up in Smoke

I haven't posted an abstract in a while - even though it is a favorite genre of mine. Here are two photographs from a series titled "Up in Smoke" I'd love your thoughts!

The Skies Opened Up

We were driving up Rte 422 to go to a Reading Phillies game and this is what we saw ahead of us. The last picture in this set doesn't fit this group's format and is just to give context for the telephoto shots. There was a rain delay and we came home instead of waiting it out. That's how you know I'm old.

Tango in Green

Today I received a new-for-me Nikkor 75-300 f/4.5-5.6 I bought through eBay. and the box was somewhat crushed when it arrived. So, I thought a little shooting was in order to assure that the packaging had sacrificed its life to protect the lens inside. Seems to be OK. The AF is a little slow, but that was typical of this older lens that was...

Moon on the Wall

I took this last week at a community garden close to my home. I was wandering around in there looking for interesting things to shoot, when I saw this ceramic moon on a wall. I like the texture of the wall and its contrast with the smooth surface of the ceramic. I tried this in B&W, too, but I like the color version better. Again, it's the...

Shadows and Dust

I think this fits the minimalism theme. I don't know what this "tree" is doing out on the beach or if someone put it there but it I knew I wanted to find a way capture it. When trying to figure out my composition I couldn't help but notice the unique shadow that the tree was casting which is what I was trying to make the main subject of this...

A Ground Breaking Abstract

Another one from the waterside park. Strange land as you get near the water. It varies from dusty to slippery to crackly to quicksand-like. With the amount of dead fish in the water a few feet away, I'm guessing it may not be safe to be shooting there... I'll probably go back next weekend.