Dogwoods are in Bloom

and they are a favorite of mine. They are native here. You'll be walking through the woods and come upon a tree covered with delicate, upturned flowers that, from below, look almost like butterflies.


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Basking in the sun

This was taken on the first real day of Spring - warm and with an almost clear warm sky. When hiking I came across this couple on a bench. Waiting for a good angle the man threw his arms and head back to catch a bit of sun.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, whether good or bad. All are appreciated, all I ask for is sincerity....

Sanderlings on the wing, Cedar Key

This was totally a snapshot opportunity when I made it. I had just finished shooting a few landscapes near Cedar Key when these sanderlings took to the air. They were flying back and forth close enough for me to get most of the flock in this shot, but the shutter speed and aperture were still set for the tripod I had been using. Luckily, this...

a salar in southern france

Photos taken in south of France, into the Rhône river delta. Sediments (sands, clays) and halite deposits melt to produce interesting patterns. These are two detailed photographies. I have others showing landscapes giving the sensation to be in the andine altiplano!

Cover Contest Advice

NJ Monthly Magazine has a cover contest each year. You can submit one photo a month through the deadline. One category is architecture. The image has to have a specific aspect ratio, represent New Jersey and successful entries have space for the magazine banner at top and contents at bottom. Other than that there are few rules. These are the...

Another Tree

Here is perhaps my favorite "tree" from my current endeavors. I hope you like it too..

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EDITED Making Mushrooms - Inky Ones

An ink fungus among us maybe? This is water soluble suminagashi ink in water. The inks are dropped in at different rates and through an oil barrier which provides some control. Then I flip the final image to be 'trees'. Enjoy!

EDITED - Rather than have a bunch of posts with same topic, I just added a few more "mushrooms" here.

Railroad tracks, Belleview

I posted these a while back in the B&W group, but figured a couple of them are pretty abstract and thought I'd share here as well.

The tracks through Belleview were replaced last year and the old parts were piled up for several weeks not too far from my home. One misty morning, I took my camera over and walked/crawled over the piles...

Minimal Leaves

I was gripped by the shape and contrast of these leaves. Curious as to a favorite crop? Any overall suggestions?

Image 4 is a Rhorshac for Chris. :)


Water reflections

If you've seen the solo rower photo I posted in the B&W group, you'll know where these were taken. I was just walking around and saw what might be some interesting shapes in the reflections, so I snapped a few photos.


Tree reflection falling on water waves prompted me for this composition and frame. was taken about 30 minutes past sunrise.
Faced couple of challenges. The sky was absolutely plain. Could not understand how to make it complementing the water. Second, even manually focusing and using all the tricks, did not get the desired sharpness for...


I've been experimenting more and more with minimalistic images like this. I shot this earlier today. It was damp, cold, and dreary, but sometimes these make ideal shooting conditions.

Inky Trees

I think I got it! The input has been soooo helpful!

What do you guys think?

If you are new - I've been working on these ink and water things for a while. This is ink dropped in water then flipped to look sort of like a tree.

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Backlit B&W Flowers

These are two very slightly different versions of an image two frames before the one I posted yesterday. As dark as these are, it was actually a very bright day.

For the techno-geeks, this is 35 mm Tri-X, developed in HC-110 back in 1974. I don't remember what dilution, but it was always as a one-shot so I was always working with fresh...